MY Silky first FIRST from Diabro!!!

  1. Hi ladies:smile:!!

    I have the pleasure of sharing this special event with you!This candid baby is my first FIRST:yes:,and I am very pleased with the style of this perfect for me:love:!I will repeat this model:graucho:!
    Diabro has totally met my requests,the bag is silky,smooth and not veiny!

    Thanks Eva:flowers:!!!

    Here the pics!What do you think?
    04012008521.jpg 10012008719-002.jpg 05012008572.jpg 05012008580.jpg 15012008834.jpg
    enjoy your beauty!
  3. CONGRATS~ your first looks yummy!! enjoy your 1st First!!
  4. is that Blanco? congrats!
  5. [​IMG]

    ^^ mmmmmmm, looks like a slice of heaven :love:
  6. Gorgeous First!!! Congrats and thanks for sharing with us! :smile:
  7. Gorgeous First! Congrats on a yummy bag!!
  8. Thanks LADY CHINADOLL PEPPERS90 GLOSSIE:flowers:!!!!!!
    Glossie is ivory fw 07
  10. It looks gorgeous. Enjoy!
  11. mmm... reminds me of Philadelphia's cream cheese!! :p
  12. Bellissimo!!!!

  13. Che bella borsa! Sei fortunata di essere a Firenze. Mi manca la citta' tantissimo.

    Congrats on the bag--it's gorgeous!
  14. I love Ivory! Is it Ivory??? It is so thick and smooth. Great hunting and a good buy!
  15. It is beautiful, congratulations! Now for modeling pics!!!