My SIL is getting a CARLY!!!

  1. I have been trying to convince my SIL to get a carly for months!!! She just emailed me and told me that we are going shopping on SAT to get her Carly and she will get to use my PCE!!! She's getting the Medium Chocolate Sig Carly!!

    I think I am more excited than her, LOL!

    I have been exposing her to coach and I think she is getting hooked:lol: We took a trip to the outlet and that's where she got her first bag and wallet, I told her then it would not be her last and she was like "yeah right, I will not need another bag for a LONG time" :roflmfao:

    now I just need to get her on tPF!
  2. YAY!!! Good for you exposing your sister to bigger and better things. I hope she loves her Carly.

    Get her on tPF and she will notice her collection growing tenfold. LOL
  3. yay for her...ya i keep telling my sa she needs to come on here....shes like maybe i will just do that...
  4. yay!!!! She is going to get a taste of the good life!!! :tup: