My SIL bought me something Studdly, LOL

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  1. [​IMG]




    size comparasion to my bonnie photo frame

    I love it! it is so so so cute :yahoo:
  2. Can't see pics.
  3. I wanna see
  4. OOooooo Peggle!!!! What a sweet SIL!! So cute!!!!! Something about studs.....just LOVE it!!!!! :rochard:
  5. Oh that last pic of them together is so cute, it made me smile. :biggrin: The little pink charms on them are adorable.

  6. thanks RilCruz and Ooops

    oh Ooops I love your avatar, simply fantastic:graucho:

    i helped my SIL with a project and she bought me this little wonderful treat, OH yeah
    going to print some pics , probably of my hubby and my dogs;)
  7. what's the treat, peggle?
  8. Thanks for brightening our day with your presence!:sunshine:
    Oh how I love your avatar, too, it seems so familiar to me somehow. :amuse:
  9. Can't see the pictures. (Are they in photoalbums that are set to private? If so, most won't be able to see them.)
  10. #10 Sep 22, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2010
    i think i fixed it
  11. thanks peggle-- can't not love studs!! and a great size, too!!
  12. Very cute Peggle! What a sweet sister in law!
  13. Cuuute!! I love it with the studs!! Congrats!
  14. too cute! love the pink heart and studs
  15. awe thanks everyone
    i know its not a huge reveal but its special to me

    thanks for looking :smile: