My Signature Striped Tote turned blue!!

  1. Today was the first day I carried my signature striped tote (I have the large one) and as I was taking out my books I noticed these BIG blue splotches towards the bottom of the bag. I was totally horrified and thought I had set it down somewhere dirty, but since all the classrooms I'm in are carpeted that seemed unlikely. And then I realized that my beautiful new Paige jeans had managed to rub off on my tote :cursing:

    So, for all you ladies that own the reversible tote or any other canvas tote... don't carry it when you're wearing new dark jeans =( I just wet a paper towel now and I'm using soap to scrub the canvas... hopefully the blue dye will come out. My poor baby :sad:
  2. OH NO!:wtf:
    That darn rubbing problem!:cursing:
    Hope it comes out!
  3. that's why you should always wash jeans before you wear them!

    I'm so so sorry this happened, I'm saying a little purse prayer for you that it comes out!
  4. OMG!!!! Rush rush to the store and get some signature fabric cleaner! sending hugs your way, good luck!
  5. I've had that happen to me too! Actually it's the jeans I'm wearing today...and I have washed them a few times, but the blue still comes off. Luckily I've only noticed it on my hand after touching my leg.
  6. that suxxxxxx!!! hope you can get it out
  7. Ugh I'm a total idiot for not washing these jeans before wearing them.. I was just so excited when I got them that I just ripped off the tags and put them on. I've had my Sevens rub off on one of my suede totes so you think I would've learned by now gah :push:

    And thanks for the signature cleaner suggestion, razorbackbelle, I totally forgot it came out!! I'm waiting for the tote to dry now so I'll keep you all posted on what happens.
  8. Sorry to hear this, hope it comes off.
  9. honey, you aren't alone...this just happened to me last week! i love dark jeans and the ones i was wearing were NOT new...they still rubbed off. i went to buy the sig fabric helped, but not a lot! :sad:
  10. ^ LOL I'm glad I'm not the only one this has happened to.. I was seriously feeling like such an idiot for doing it.

    Okay so update - most of the rub off has come off :yahoo:I like scrubbed it once.. waited for it to dry and then scrubbed it again and it's pretty much good to go now. There's a tiny spot of blue on the bottom corner-fold of the bag but it's pretty much unnoticeable! For future reference - using softsoap + a paper towel works wonders on denim rub off! I think part of the reason mine came off might have been bc I caught it so quickly after it had happened - so keep an eye on your bags girls! There's no telling when something decides to rub off LOL.
  11. I did this to's light, but, mine is a light colored bag, so, it sucks! I need to get the fabric cleaner, see if that helps any!
  12. Awww, that's such a bummer. I hope it comes out!!
  13. yay that it came out! good thing you are very attentive to your bags!
  14. Glad it came out!! I have a new navy blue polo shirt that I'm thinking about wearing tomorrow and I've been carrying my sig Carly....I'm completely paranoid that the blue may rub off so I'm switching to my legacy.
  15. So glad the stain came out! :flowers: