My Signature Stripe Tote in Crimson has arrived!

  1. When I ordered this on the last day of PCE I had no idea it was finally arrived yesterday::heart:
    my crimson signature stripe tote!

    The second pic is with Hamptons Slim Envelope Wallet I bought off eBay a couple of months ago -probably paid too much but it looks cute with the tote!

    What do you think?
    crimson sig stripe tote.jpg crimson tote and wallet.jpg
  2. WOW!! LOVE those colors...that wallet is :drool:......Great purchases..enjoy!
  3. The crimson is beautiful! Congrats on a fantastic set!!
  4. I've always loved that color combo of the sig stripe tote. Congrats on your new tote! The wallet looks perfect with it.
  5. Wow~ That is sucha pretty color!

    Love it!~
  6. it's a beautiful combo!
  7. Absolutely beautiful!
  8. The one and only time i will qote Paris Hilton, "That's HOt"
  9. wow, the crimson really stands out. i love it! congrats!
  10. beautiful colors, perfect for fall!! congragulations
  11. LOVE IT!

    Crimson / Khaki is such a beautiful combo. I have a large flap wristlet I bougt last year...and the shiney-ness on it is soooo pretty...IMO, it blows the "chili" color out of the water!

    my large flap wristlet:

    Enjoy your siggy tote!
  12. BEAUTIFUL!!!! Kinda resembles RED LICORICE....YUMMY!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!
  13. I just love the crimson! Enjoy!!!!
  14. I don't normally do red but I LOVE the crimson color!! I have the large tote and the wristlet. I would love the wallet if I could find it, don't know if they even made it. It is a gorgeous red color that has some purple or something to it. The beet leather on the new carly is very similar and looks great with the khaki signature fabric.
  15. Gorgeous!! Even thought I have the black/white sig stripe tote, the crimson color was always my favorite!!