My signature stripe tote in CHOCOLATE came today!!!

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  1. :yahoo: My sig stripe tote in chocolate came today!!! It wasnt supposed to come until next week b/c it doesnt officially come out until then, according to my SA. How exciting to get it early! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it- its even more gorgeous in person & the stripe has a sparkle to it and is just beautiful. Perfect! Thanks to everyone who helped me decide on this & return my chelsea- this bag is so perfect for me! Enjoy the pics!
    me.jpg meme.jpg
  2. :girlsigh: it just takes my breath away!!! literally! Its gorgeous! Enjoy that bag!!! :heart:
  3. Uff!! That is :drool:!!!
  4. Gorgeous color. Great choice, girl !!!
  5. LOVE IT! i'd like that in a shoulder tote.
  6. It looks so good on you.. congrats!!! :tup:
  7. Great choice!! I love the choco sig so much!!
  8. love the color.. congrats! :tup:
  9. Holy cow! That is amazing!!!
  10. That bag is sooo gorgeous! I think this is one of my favorite signature bags ever!
  11. :nuts:
    OMG!!! Thats so pretty!!! hmm.... I wonder if I would like this more than my denim tote???????????????
  12. so pretty! i love the color!
  13. So shiny. I love it. Did you get to use your PCE discount?
  14. Hey, nice bag! :tup:


    I just got mine in the mail today too! Isn't it yummy?!:yahoo:
  15. I DID use my PCE! which makes the bag even sweeter! :cutesy: