My signature stripe black/gunmetal tote arrived

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  1. and it is very cute, looks brand new. But im going to sell it :sad:
    It is sooo small! It would fit my 11 yr old perfectly! I had no idea it would be as small as it is. I'm really disappointed... I've been going through a " I can't find the perfect bag" phase lately....
  2. awww im so sorry!!! I just got mine, and mine it is too big!! hahaha I just dont have anything to put in it! Ive always carried small purses, so I threw some diapers and wipes in it, and it is still too big! It is empty! haha I got the 11099, which one did you get? post pics!
  3. Congrats, sorry to hear that it's too small :sad:

    Hope you find "that" bag soon! Good luck!
  4. I have 11098. I contemplated getting the large, but thought the dimensions would be awkward. I should have! I am used to my large ergo tote wich is Enormahuge!
    I am 56.5 140 lbs and it looks teeny on me!
  5. small wow, sorry to hear. I'm sure you turn it out for same money.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  6. I want to buy one!
  7. I have the same size as you JKM and i'm like pretty much your size 5'6 135 and I think it looks just perfect! I like smaller purses and this one is a good fit for me. Post pics if you can!
  8. Wow not too small for me either....I only carry a wallet, mini, cosmetic and phone...Perfect size.....Good luck with a sale!
  9. I will post a mod pic either today or tomorrow! Camera is usually in husbands truck and out of reach

  10. haha Bag Fetish ... I :heart: you....! The guts of your bag looks like mine!!!! :roflmfao:
  11. Sorry to hear you don't like your bag.... they sell pretty well on ebay though so that is good! I have the same bag you have in a different color combo and I feel it is small too. I looked at the measurements and measured in comparison to other bags I have but when I got it, it still felt small. I just ordered the large black/gunmetal though so I hope I'm happier with that one!!! Good luck finding your dream bag:flowers: