My Signature Heart tote came all of 5 minutes ago!!!!

Feb 28, 2010
So after the small issues with jax being out of stock and trying to find a store to fill the order, I finally got my signature heart logo glam tote today:smile: pictures below:smile:

I know you guys know what it looks like but I took pictures of while i was opening it anyway bc that's how dorky i am lol

the onnnnnly thing, there's one eensy weensy piece of glitter that came off the strap but i still love it:smile: this baby's stayin'! lol

please don't mind the awesome matching wardrobe. still in my jammies because i had a day off:smile:
Feb 28, 2010
ugh after the hassle it was to get it, i'm kinda scared to carry it lol. first, i ordered online and the site said in stock but when i called jax bc i didn't have a shipping confirmation they're like "sorry it's out of stock but we can try to get it store filled for you". About 5pm yesterday i got an email saying "we were unable to fill your order from our distribution center but found a store and will send your item out as per your requested shipping method". Ok great right? well then i check my bank account and there's 315.35 for the website when i first ordered it and a 1.00 authorization charge and another 315.35 from the store that filled the order.

i panicked, called JAX again told them what happened. they called my husband's bank customer service line and the bank removed the double charge and 1.00 authorization within 2 minutes and

all is right with the world now that this bag is here. i think from now on though i'm going to skip the middle man and go directly to the store:P


Sep 15, 2007
That is such a cute bag!! I think they still had it at one of the stores I frequent last weekend. CONGRATS!!!