My Sig Carly Demi is finally here!!

  1. I've been stressing about it being too small and when it came today I practically clawed it open. It's BEAUTIFUL! Seriously, it's not too small for me at all. It's very roomy on the inside for me since I don't carry much and the shape is just so pleasing. It doesn't slouch, which kinda sucks but there's no way I'm returning it. My mom even loves it and she's not into the whole designer bag deal. TOTALLY worth draining my bank account for. I'm not sure when I have pictures up, but I definitely will have them up eventually.

    :wlae: happy dance time!!!
  2. So glad to hear you are loving your new demi. Enjoy!! I'll join you in that happy dance!:wlae:
  3. yay! congrats for you! bags=awesome
  4. AWESOME! Enjoy that beauty, can't wait to see pics!!!!
  5. congrats!
  6. Congrats. Enjoy your new bag. :smile:
  7. Congrats on your new bag! Can't wait to see you your pic :smile:
  8. Congrats. Have fun with your new bag.
  9. I'm leaning towards the demi myself. I'm going to the boutique tomorrow to, hopefully, get the Ergo hobo or a Carly. Congrats!!!
  10. I love the shape/structure of the carly demi! Congrats & can't wait to see pics!
  11. Congrats! I love the demi, but, it's too small for me :sad: I just have too much junk LOL
  12. Both are excellent choices! But of course I'm going to say go for the Carly. I wish I could post some pictures now to show you but I don't have a digital camera, so I'm using a Kodak disposable. Just warning you that once you see her IRL, you won't be able to leave without her on your arm!
  13. I'd love to see how your bag looks!

    I envy women who can carry small bags; I have three little kids, and sometimes I feel like a scout troup leader!

  14. Oh, from your mouth to hubby's ears....:wtf: He's not too keen on the idea of mr gooing to buy not to grope the bags...:crybaby: