My Sienna Day

  1. I ordered this from Diabro on Wednesday night, it arrived yesterday but I wasn't home so they just delivered it. I actually gasped when I took it out of the dustbag. The leather is wonderful!:yahoo: I asked for smooth and thick leather with very little veins and that's what I got. I am so happy! This is my very first "New" bag, my others were preloved and I am just tickled to death! And I got it at a great price, too. So here are some pics, it's very hard to capture this color, it's the perfect brown but photographs more red than it is.
  2. CONGRATS!!! the sienna is my fav color this season! along with the violet SGH work of course! modelling pics please!
  3. Gorgeous!! The color and leather is TDF. Congrats!!
  4. ^^ yay, congrats, sienna rocks!!!:rochard:

    p.s. i think diabro rocks too, they're the best :heart:
  5. Thanks! I can't belive how fast it got here from Japan. I live in the midwest and it took 3 days. That's fast shipping!
  6. Wow!! Looks thick and yummy!
  7. Sienna looks always orangey in pics...Iwas in shock the first time I saw one IRL : so gorgeous !!!
    Congrats on yours : it's TDF !!!
  8. Beautiful bag. Sienna is gorgeous.
  9. YIKES i love it.......:yahoo::yahoo:

  10. Gorgeous color and leather!! :heart:
  11. congrats!!
  12. Gorgeous! I'm loving Sienna more and more!!!
  13. congrats!
  14. Wow... the leather is awesome.. cOngrats :tup:
  15. Congrat.'s on a Yummy bag!!!! The color and leather are both :tup::tup:!!!!!!!!!