My Shrinking Bbag Family

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  1. i can't believe it, but i've been doing some major downsizing. as difficult as it was for me to let go of these babies, i had to sacrifice them to care of the homefront.

    bordeaux city is already on the chopping block, and i'm thinking of letting go of my 04 lilac city, my holy grail. it took me a year to find a brand new lilac and paid major $$$ on it...the cost of 2 firsts plus tax! :wtf: i know i'm nutso, but at the time i was willing to pay whatever it took to have my HG. since then, she's been stored in her dust bag and only taken out for admiration. i love this one, but she may have to go. :sad:

    i have to admit, it feels liberating to have fewer colors as each will get to see the light of day now. my ultimate favorites that i'm keeping in my bbag family: anthracity, magenta day, and RT day.

    anthracity (my versatile chameleon bag)

    magenta day (my vibrant bag)

    RT day (my sexy red bag)

    my 04 lilac city

    my bordeaux city
  2. Wow great collection. i love the color of your bordeaux city and anthracity city. (i hope to get these colors some day)
  3. Awesome- totally totally awesome- love the bags you kept- it's like each will have special time with you now!
  4. What a beautiful collection Odd:yes: you have some of my favs:P
  5. I think you chose the right bags to keep! I love the Days and that Antracity is absolutely beautiful. The leather and colour both are just amazing. I am sure you will not have trouble finding a home for your beautiful Bordeaux or Lilac, either and there is simply no point in having a bag that only gets admired and never used.
  6. OMG, your '04 lilac city is my 2nd-in-line HG bag. I love your collection! I admire you for really being able to downsize -- that is always such a difficult thing to do!
  7. what gorgeous bags! glad you can keep some of them!
  8. [​IMG]
    I just LOVE your anthracity odd - she looks soooo thick!
  9. Ally girl that used to be mine.:yes:
  10. Love your collection, Odd!:heart:Congrats!:yahoo:
  11. Odd girlie i just love your taste in colors. :tup:I love your Lilac and Magenta. :drool::heart:
  12. Really? How did you give her up?? That is a most delicious, chewy, yummy leather! Were you sick?:graucho: I bet odd will never give this one up! (Did you find your day?)
  13. That anthacity looks amazing. How true to life is the color in the pic?
  14. I was and i am still sick. :nuts::wacko:I always pick the best ones and then they get sacrifised for another bag.:tdown: I really need to win the lotto so i can keep them all.:yes: I am still looking for my Day but no luck. :sad:
  15. Didnt think I was a fan of anthracity, but I love yours!