My show dog :)

  1. Here is my Akita, he just turned a year old and he just finished blowing coat so he is naked here LOL but he's coming along nicely ... we have 2 points already and will start showing again this summer to finish. Thanks for letting me share my fathead!



  2. ooh how cool, you show dogs! i wish i could get into it but it seems hard to get into and quite time consuming. but i do go to dog shows twice a year, in fact i went to a doberman specialty today and am going to an all breed show tomorrow. akitas are so gorgeous, especially yours!
  3. Thanks Sara! I am proud of him. Take pics at the show if you can!
  4. Oh he's lovely, a future champion! Good luck with his show career.
  5. awww hes so handsome! :smile:

    what does "blowing coat" and "2 points" mean :smile:?
    sorry i have no idea about show dogs but i ALWAYS watch the shows :smile:
  6. I like his coloring! Very beautiful!
  7. He's beautiful! Good luck to both of you in your shows.
  8. He's gorgeous :smile: good luck in the shows :smile:
  9. What a handsome dog! Do you train him yourself for the show?
  10. Wow, SO HANDSOME!!!
  11. Beautiful dog!!! The show ring is so competitive, but he's looks like a star already!

    My dog, Roman use to participate in show rings until he was 6 months old. He had such a laid back attidude we never go to finish! lol

    Keep us updated with his progress! He's a stunner and good luck! ;D
  12. He's so beautiful!
  13. I love Akitas! So regal! :king:
  14. Thats one handsome Akita!

    Love the house in the background too :yes:
  15. Points are awarded on a points system according to how many dogs you beat - and you have to win Winners Dog or Winners ***** to get any points, not just win your age group. We have shown in only a handful of shows when he was a puppy and got 2, now we need to show again this summer and finish. You need 15 points and 2 majors to finish. Majors are awarded when a certain number of dogs are showing according to what region you are in.

    Blowing coat is something Akitas do twice per year - shedding out their undercoat completely. It is a mess and now I am waiting for it to grow back in, hence his 'nakedness.'