My Shoulder/Clutch came today & I think it's too small

  1. Well finally after Saks sent me the wrong bag twice the black shoulder/clutch arrived. I think it's just toooooo small. I want something for at night or just a very small bag similar in size to my LV Pochette but this just seems really small. (forgot to mention they left the sensor on) 2nd time this has happened to me from Saks too. Thoughts.... The First is only $200 more and can hold a lot more but is still small enough to be considered a night bag for me. (I carry a lot of Cr**). Should I return the clutch and get a Grenat first ?? :wondering
  2. man, i can't believe Saks has bad customer service!!! I mean, to leave the sensor on? To send the wrong bag twice! YEEKS! I think the first is a great evening bag...grenant is nice, but black or ink can do as well.
  3. Ok here's the thing. I am trying to come up w/ a reason to get a Grenat bag. I have 2 cities, a box and a twiggy. Also waiting for the Dark Olive day. The first in Grenat would kind of round out my collection. Maybe the guilt is getting to me finally. How many bags do I really need?:nuts:
  4. If it's too small, then by all means, return it! No point of keeping something you can't use :smile: Seems like you have your eyes set on a grenat first, so get that instead :yes:

    oh lol, how many bags do you need? I don't think anyone on this forum could help you with that question:roflmfao: We're all hopelessly addicted! :shame::love::girlsigh:
  5. can you post pictures of your shoulder/clutch?
  6. you should totally get the first in grenat, it will be perfect for you :tender:
  7. get what you'll use the most :P
    and who cares if u own grenat in all style, that only means you really love that colour and not easily tempted with others ...
    good luck Z&J
  8. Saks left the sensor on?!? :wtf: Yeah, I would definitely return the clutch and get the Grenat First instead.:yes:
  9. DEF. send it back and get the grenat first - I can't believe Saks was so bad.... which one may I ask??
  10. go for the first--you'll get a lot more use out of it!
  11. I would go for the first. What color Cities do you have? If you don't have a Grenat City, I'd get the Grenat first. :smile:

    Which Saks was this and who helped you? I want to stay clear of them after all the trouble they put you through.
  12. That's the 2nd time they shipped me a bbag and left the sensor on
  13. Hate to name names but just to make us feel even worse, it was 2 diff. sa's at 2 different Saks stores.
  14. I'd go for the grenat first. I have a first and it's the perfect night out bag or for a day in town and it can hold all my junk. Anything smaller than a first would be too small for me. Grenat is such a beautiful colour just be careful with the leather it really differs from shiny, veiny and crispy to mat, no veins and thick. Let us know what you got!

  15. I totally agree! There are too many lovely bags out there still waiting for lovely homes!