My shoulder Birkin red and Fushia ostrich Birkin picture-fixed problem.Both pictures

  1. Hi, some reason, I could not load up all of them in the previous thread. Again, my shoulder birkin is not going up. I will post it when I fix the problem. this is my fushia ostrich 35 cm! Also another vibrato is added!
    Picture 045.jpg Picture 046.jpg Picture 032.jpg Picture 033.jpg Picture 034.jpg
  2. OOOOh, were dyin' here! Pics where are you?
  3. The pink is just gorgeous. I bet it looks good strutting round the shops!
  4. So pretty!
  5. Don't be shocked that I have too many... Not all of them are exactly mine. My mom and I co-own bags together.^^
  6. OMG! The pink fuschia is amazing! I want that bag! GORGEOUS! ANd love the red shoulder birkin! THanks for posting and sharing your collection!
  7. Ahh birkin- that is my fantasy bag. I have a fund started for one of my own.
  8. beatlefan.. I love your's really sweet!
  9. looove the pink ostrich! beautiful!!
  10. omg, GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!

    the fuchsia ostrich really pops!
  11. oh my - beautiful!!!!
  12. Fuchsia ostrich is one of my FAVORITE H color/leather combos. Incredible!!!
  13. the fuschia ostrich birkin is so beautiful! I have the ostrich kelly and would love the pink in a birkin...that is very cool that you co-own w/your mom!
  14. I want a shoulder Birkin.:sad: I need to win the lotto to afford everything I WANT.:shame:
  15. fine, very fine, especially the fuschia