My Shopping Tote!

  1. Ok, so thanks to this forum I bought my first LV (mono speedy 30 less than 2 weeks ago and I know this is chanel but I have a point, I promise). Well then the Chanel bug bit me. For the past week, I have not been able to think about anything but Chanel. I have been talking non stop about it and driving everyone crazy!!! As a poor college student, I was originally going to save up and buy it in a few months. But I heard about the crazy price increase and impulsively, I placed an order for a petite shopper tote (black caviar) with gold hardware! I couldn't help it! The next few months are going to be hard. I am going to eat lots and lots of ramen noodes and NOT BUY ANYTHING ELSE. But now my bag is on the way from NY and I am super super excited!!!! I just wanted to share with everyone and say thanks for inspiring me!
  2. Congratulations! What a great choice. I'm sure you'll love it.
  3. Congrats~~~~
    Excellent choice you will LOVE it!!!
  4. Congrats!! Excellent choice indeed, you will love it!
  5. Congrats. You will love it.
  6. Ooooooh I am so glad to have everyone's approval. I seriously feel like y'all are my family (because my family does not support or rather know about this addiction)!
  7. Congrats on your bag! And don't worry, many of us can remember eating lots of ramen noodles in college! :yes:
  8. We are indeed a "rare breed":nuts: Not many people I know would spend $$$ for a Chanel handbag:p
  9. OOOOH I'm so trying to hold off!! What size did you get...THe large or small...Color?? Crap....I'm going to NY in September but this price increase is really pushing me....Congrats!! Great choice!! :heart: Emmy
  10. congrats on your new chanel.
  11. How exciting!:yahoo: Post pics when you get it.
  12. congrats!
  13. Yea! Congrats. Can't wait to see pics.
  14. :yahoo: :yahoo: Congratulations on a great bag. You must be taking economics this semester to make this purchase before the price hike:yes: ! It is a great bag and one you will carry for years to come.
  15. yup...can't say no to shopping tote...
    I'm 1 of them too...& enjoying every min. of it.