My shopping today + a Chanel question + found Reissues

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  1. All this talk of Chanels has left me feeling like I needed to go visit the Chanel boutique! I decided on my drive that I may buy the large black tote in caviar w/ silver hardware . . . {DH is out of town! LOL!}
    Once there, I found that they only had the camel color and navy in large and a small pink one. None of which I *really* wanted - unless of course I was willing to buy more than one!
    So my SA called around and said she found out that they never{?} made black w/ silver, only black w/ gold adn that their buying dept has been trying to convince Chanel to make it for the Fall.
    Ummmm. . . WHAT? :weird:
    Anyone have this in the combo I want?
    Not so I can try and convince you to sell it to me, but to prove to my inner voice that I believe they exist!:wondering

    OK, next . ..
    The Neiman's in Plano, TX has the following Reissues:
    small in grey
    med in black
    large in white - LOVED this!!!!!!!
    You can ask for Frankie @ {972}629-1700 X 1305

    Also, refunded my money for the Birth of Modern Luxury that they never got in so I bought it today at the LV boutique in Neimans!!!!!!

    Thanks for hangin' in there if you made it this far!:biggrin:
  2. Hi Swanky!

    Do you mean the open tote? Or the tote like Cristina's?
  3. I'm wondering the same thing as addicted :P The caviar tote that I have definitely does come in silver - that's the color/hardware combination I tried on when I bought the tote, but I wanted it with gold hardware. The SA had to order it from a Chanel boutique in NJ. I am not sure about the open tote...

    Oooh, a large white reissue? I've never seen one in person before, I bet it was gorgeous :love:
  4. Lemme look at your past posts C, the tag just said "Large Tote"
    It has the leather shoulder straps mid-chain. KWIM?
  5. No, not like yours C> The one w/ a chain and leather in teh center of it. KWIM? Let me see if I can find one on eBay.
  6. Okay, I think I know which one you are talking about. Mine is different. I think you're referring to the one that IntlSet has, where the part of the handles that rest on your shoulder are leather, and the rest of the strap is chain. I've only seen that tote with gold hardware. I've seen it in black and beige. It would be gorgeous with silver! :love:
  7. The navy had silver and it was so gorgeous! But I NEED a black bag. Can you believe this, I have no black bags!!??
  8. That navy/silver does sound beautiful :love: I didn't have a black bag until I bought the tote, I just can't get into black bags for some reason. There are so many other fun colors. But, black is the best color for a Chanel :amuse:

    I think that bag would look great in black/silver. I hope it does exist, somehow, somewhere! :P
  9. Doesn't it seem bizarre that/if it doesn't exist? Black and silver is a staple.
    I about cried! LOL!
    I was actually willing to make the purchase and it doesn't exist!?
  10. i don't have any either!!! black bags are usually just so blah, but i did order a black patent MJ elise yesterday, so as long as that sticks i'll finally have one! good luck finding that chanel tote, i can't believe they don't make it with silver. that's a travesty!

    and the large white is sooooooooooooooo pretty, if only i wouldn't ruin it, like, instantly with my grubby little paws.
  11. The white was breathtaking! I kept trying it on knowing full well I wans't taking that sassy little number home!
  12. ~bump!
    Dying for an answer to my Chanel question ;)
  13. Swanky, sorry, I'm sooooooo dense right now (sushi coma)... you want black with silver hardware on a large tote?
  14. yes and I also want some sushi!

    Do they make this tote I dream of?