My shopping spree today

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  1. Hi guys,

    I just got back from the Galleria to see the mini canvas mono in person. Well, I was a little worry that the mizi will be too large for me and my feeling was right. BUT I got the Segur MM instead and I got the black color:nuts: . SO..that satisfied my crave for black bag which I think I needed it..he he..I will post pic later.
    And I went to Ferragamo boutique and found one bag I like :love: . I don't know exactly the name of the bag but it's kind of women briefcase bag but I love the way it looks, the leather is so soft and I love the color (it's red). It is simple and classy and it seems the bag was being in there just for me to see. And it was on sale, originally $1,190 and it came down to $775, and I also got the matching wallet with it also on sale from $350 t0 $205. I will post pics for these.

    And...well, I thought I was done with my shopping spree. Instead I went to Fendi Boutique to check on the Spy bag and boy was that a mistake. I shouldn't have came there because when I saw that spy ( I love the brown colour) I was melt instantly..but then I was thinking I already purchased two bags, and one wallet. I don't really need the spy bag, not now that was me rationalizing my craving for the spy bag. :worried: :idea: :nuts:

    So went to have lunch to get rid of my enxiety but I couldn't even taste my meal correctly..I was thinking about the spy bag the whole time..And..of course I had to go back and got the bag :love::love: :love: . Am I crazy or what? Right now I am preparing myself what to say to my husband about my purchase today. But I feel good? Yes! I am so excited and can't wait to wear it. I will post the pics very soon. I needed to download these pics into my computer.

    I just want to share this to you guys..and this may not be a good example ladies! So don't not follow me.
  2. I don't think any of us will win a 'self restraint' competition!

    Congratulations on your purchases. I can't wait to see the pictures.
  3. wow! that sounds like fun! tomorrow will be the same for me (I guess): will pick up my birkin 40 (finally YAY) and plan to buy the overnight le dix


    SO i totally LOVE people who are as stupid and unrational about buying bags


    btw please post pics!
  4. Oh Sweetea I know that feeling; it is horrible, when I get that "can't concentrate on anything else...must buy purse" mode the only cure is the purchase.

    Congrats on your fabulous bags - can't wait to see pics; as far as the hubby goes, exaggerate the mark-downs. And, this new Fendi Spy bag ... it was 50% off, special offering due to the color being so normal....Would you believe that is what I told my hubby about my anthracite paddy...1/2 off due to it being a seasonal color. :lol:
  5. Sounds like an amazing day for you. I cant wait to dee pics, but about husbands, mine is pretty amazing but every time I "over" spend I make little deals with him. Right now he has total control over the tv remote for the next two weeks because of a little shopping spree on the nap sale. Right now he's catching up on last seasons star trek or something like that.
  6. Looks like you had a very productive day! CONGRATS and enjoy them!

    Ahhh, I miss shopping at the Galleria. It's the Houston one, right? not the Dallas one. What other colors did you see the Spy in?

    Can't wait to see pix!
  7. Too funny! But hey, if it works...
  8. wow that's awesome congrats??

    how much was the spybag?
  9. Ha ha ha.. I love you guys..LOL. You know the feeling!! I am in the middle of downloading the pics. Oh I can't wait to show it to you, BTW my husband just walked in from work. Yes. It is the Galleria Houston. The spy is $2,075 before tax. I got the brown one. I post pics as soon as I can..
  10. Wow, Sweetea, sounds like you had a great day! :love: Post pictures of everything :biggrin:
  11. Well that's just the nicest story; I share your joy. Congrats!!! What a day.:nuts:
  12. You did...that CC is smokin!! Enjoy! Post pics.
  13. What a great reward you day! Sounds like 2006 is starting off in your favor! I can't wait to see them.
  14. Guys..

    Here are the pictures of my new babies..:love: :love:
    Tell me what you are thinking about them. I love all of them. The spay bag is going to be my "it" bag for this year and the brown colour is my best final colour I decided after I saw the cognac,and the black. and The Black Segur MM just seems perfect for me, and the red Ferragamo I just can't resist them either especially with the price.


    LV Segur01.JPG

    View attachment 1410

    The Spay Bag.JPG

    I hope the pictures turned out okay. I have problem with uploading it to TPB.
  15. I want to go shopping with you! That's my kind of day!!!!!:love: Can't wait to see the pictures!!!!!!!!!!!