My Shopping Spree @ LV Hollywood

  1. it has been a long day ladies!! I went with a friend to a modeling audition at the hollywood & highland center and while I was waiting, I dropped by my friendly neighborhood LV: here are some phone pics i took of my loot:



    sorry for the low res phone pics but my friend borrowed my camera to go to the Laker game tonight :evil:

    anyway, im pretty excited. especially about the large wallet where i can stash all my paper-junk.
  2. Hey Mona! I love all of your LV stuff, especially the perforated Speedy. It's awesome!
  3. Woohoo! Great shopping spree!
  4. wow. you must've had a great day. congratulations on your new purchases!
  5. Wow--that's DEFINITELY a spree!
  6. Wow what a great day! Enjoy all your new purchases!!
  7. Wow, lucky you. Love all the stuff u brought home!!!
  8. Wow that was quite a shopping spree! I love the Onatah GM with the flowers.
  9. THAT'S!!!

    a spree....
  10. ya i wasnt too fond of the onatah when i saw it in the ad - mostly because the whole suede thing instantly reminds me of those hippy days when my parents were freeloving nutcases - but after talking to my grandmother and learning that the word 'onatah' being an iroquios name for goddess or earth mother - I just HAD to get it - because of course, I am a goddess!! LOL!
  11. awesome awesome!! congrats!
  12. thank u all for your fun words of materialistic encouragement LOL!!

    you know what was cracking me up - when the sales assistant was treating all the bags like it was holy - bringing them all out slowly and meticulously folding the tissue paper around them and what not...

    and all I kept thinking was wow...if you only knew that I am not even going to use the dustbags - what a sinner I am!!! It brought back all kinds of funny catholic training rebellion during my private school days...hahaha
  13. Don't you LOVE days like this? When you can find everything you want and then actually BUY it all?????? Ahhhh. Those days are fewer and further between for me lately.....
  14. monablu u are one lucky girl
    i would love love love to walk into LV and say "i want this, this and this" hahaha but i feel guilty :sad:
    you will love your perfo speedy... i love mine to death... i carried it today to the supermarket (lol) and it began raining... and the handles had all these water spots on it, i was stressing so bad....
  15. aww thank you!! :love: