My Shopping Prayers have been answered: Barneys coming to SF!

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  1. Hey Girls (and Guys)!

    I just read in the paper that Barneys is opening up a store in San Francisco. They are going to use the old FAQ Schwartz building. They're just wrapping up lease papers on the space. By end of 2007, us Bay Area girls (and guys) will have another place of shopping bliss!

    I'm sooo excited! So far away though... patience... :nuts:
  2. REALLY!
    Oh my gosh, I'm in San Jose, a mere hop, skip and jump away.
    This is sooooo exciting. When we were in Manhattan I dragged my DH into Barney's it was a pilgrimage.
  3. oh you guys are so lucky!!!!!
  4. Oops, FAO not FAQ! Couldn't change the spelling on my first post.

    I was wondering -forever- when SF would ever get one. It's kind of a no-brainer that there should be one there. :biggrin:

    I'd been dying to go to one and the closest one is in LA.
  5. i would love the shopping gods forever if they'd give Atlanta one. we do have a Barney's Co-op, though, which is great for smaller-name designer brands.
  6. wow great news!
  7. Love to see Barneys add to the SF shopping pleasure... Will be in SF in a week...looking forward to a little retail therapy to take the edge off a business convention...
  8. oh yay! I live in the bay area as well, this is MOST exciting!!
  9. Yaaaaaay!!!
  10. Wish one would come to Hawaii! There is an outlet here, but it is JUST appalling. Lots of no name leather bags that I just can't believe they would sell in their regular store!
  11. yay!! GREAT news, thanks for sharing!
  12. Woo! Jen, let's go!
  13. OMG :nuts: If it's indeed where FAO used to be then it's in a great location. I'm so excited! Finally :biggrin: I can't wait!!!
  14. You got it Annie! And Eileen too!

    This is a must-stop for our future PF get-togethers!
  15. :d