My shopping loots from Mulberry Sales

  1. Was out shopping with my friends yesterday and chanced upon the Mulberry sales.
    and tata - bought these 2 pieces at one go. :smile::heart:
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  2. :biggrin:Love the mini backpack and it is what attracted to me as I have a LV mini bagpack but it can hardly put much inside.
    Where as this, it hangs well on my back (not too low) and can put in more stuff though it is a mini size. Thought of opting for oak color which is so classic but worried the color might tan darker and patchy. So I chose ox blood and which the color is something I do not have in my collection.
    mulberry unboxing.JPG
  3. Before i paid, the friendly SA asked me what else I am keen in and he can show me the stuff. I told him i am actually looking for a small slingbag to keep all my essentials for my causal outing at night or dinner. and that is when he brought out the quilted small darley out. It is also on sales and when put besides my mini backpack, it matches so well.. i caved in to temptation and bought both at the spot. I like darley a lot as the chain can be unhooked and use it as a clutch but seems like an impulse buy. I m not sure of the smooth calf leather will be easily scratched. Any review on this leather and how to take care? Many thanks in advance :smile:
  4. Gorgeous sales purchases! They look really lovely together. No experience with the smooth calf leather-sorry-but I love the look of the quilted Darley-and the colour is beautiful! Enjoy!!