My Shopping List Transferred onto......

  1. my new Beverly MM! :wtf:

    Yesterday I was trying to perfect the art of Jell-O Shooters, and needed to buy some more ingredients. I wrote those on the square post-it paper with regular ink. I had put that list in the larger inside pocket for easy access. I had the list in there for less than 2 hours.

    Then today, I noticed this....(Pics 1 & 2)....:wtf::

    The list is actually on both sides of the pocket. I guess I should be so lucky that it is darker. I'm working on the bag as we speak.....and I managed to make it look brand new again!

    My first thought was wet wipes! wet wipes! wet wipes! But I didn't want to get the bag wet and in some cases it might even help "set the ink in". I quickly grabbed fof an eraser and starting erasing. :sweatdrop: With a little anxiety, I manage to get to this: (pics 3&4)

    That one was a close call!
    bevverlyink1.jpg bevverlyink2.jpg bevverlyink3.jpg bevverlyink4.jpg
  2. Wow.. thank goodness you managed to get it out!!

    Maybe you can try writing with pigment liners (I love and swear by them). They dry FAST and are waterproof on paper, lightfast, document proof, and permanent.
  3. It seems to look fine now. Nothing at all! Good job!
  4. Phew, you did a great job!! Did you use a regular eraser (for pencils) or an eraser for suede?
  5. Eek!! Well at least you got it off!!! phew!
  6. Yikes, that's my worst nightmare. Luckily you managed to salvage. *must remember tip*
  7. Good Recovery
  8. I am so glad you fixed it.
  9. nyaao: Usually I'm so careful we the inks I used especially, when I carry it in my bag too. I think it was the post-it paper i used. It was a coloured (orange) post-it pad and seemed to be a bit more thicker in texture that the regular yellow post-its around, which might have been why my bag absorbed the ink and not the paper!

    Mid-: I used a regular pencil eraser. I couldn't find my Steadler white eraser, so I desperately grabbed for any eraser. The eraser I used was from the $1 store; the ones kids used at school that you push on the top & it clicks out. It's actually blue and white with hearts in the middle of it! :nuts:

    Thanks Everyone!

    I also forgot to mention that after the ink stain came off, the lining had tons of eraser crap all over and some that looked like "lint fuzzies" that stuck onto the lining. It looked like a sweater that got stuck in the dryer one too many times. I actually ripped a piece of 3M lint remover tape of the roll and used that to get the eraser lint off.
  10. Jello Shooters, eh? :graucho: :lol:
  11. At least you got it off of there!
  12. Yep! They were quite the success, too! (They better have.... I almost sacrificed my inside of my bag!):roflmfao:

    I ended up making over 150 - 2oz. shots of watermelon, watermelon/lime, peach, peach/strawberry, raspberry, very berry, and lemon. Oh, and they all had berries floating in them!

    Plus, I had enough booze (Peach Schnapps, Malibu, and Vodka) left over to calm my anxiety while removing that ink stain! :graucho::graucho:
  13. wow!! the hearts must have done the trick, no?;) gotta go to a dollar store for my LV first aid kit!!
  14. WOW! That is amazing....and thanks for sharing that tip!!! That is an alcantra lining, right?
  15. Thank God you got it all out, nice save.