My shopping day deserves it own thread

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  1. Can I say ladies that today was a wonderful shopping day for me. My sister took my daughter to dance class for me at 11am, and let my son go with her, and they stayed gone until 9pm!!!!!!!!! (YESSSSSSSSS) So hubby and I woke up on our own, and had (coughing, clearing my throat) us time, then said...hmm what are we gonna do...I said lets go get you some Antik jeans, I have a coupon for saks..he said ok! (BINGO) the light went off. I was laying there trying to decide, ombre or no ombre..and him saying ok was all I needed. SO we ride about 30 miles, bumping old school H-TOWN and arrived to a car lot full of folks! Off wasnt crowded though. They didnt have his size jeans, so I said lets go to Neimans..But before we go let me place this Ombre Mande on hold. We go to Neimans and get his jeans. I find some Chloe glasses and could not decide. I wasnt going to buy 100.00 glasses and bags cause I am on a BAN (hahaha)..So he found his jeans and we left, I said forget it. We go back to Off and I found so banging Ginger 7 for all mankind high waist jeans..$99 I thougt well if I get the jeans and the wallet I might as well get the bag..I didnt get the bag because I just bought a Rebecca Minkoff for $416 and didnt want to over do it..So I got the wallet in hopes of getting the bag later. I know NR will have them soon at great prices, and Off has them all over the country so its cool, no pressure. I felt ok with only getting the wallet. The jeans never leave so I can get those anyday. We left went to Sprint to replace the Treo, went to Walmart for his "healthy" lunch shopping, and now back home chillin, and proud that I didnt go over board...However, the mall isnt far from my damn job!!! Lunch would be the perfect time to be bad. I was thinking of putting the WL on ebay..I know its not "much" to some, but a nice day of shopping with DH without the jam our music with no fighting in the back seats took me back to 1993-1996 when we use to do that every week (no kids or bills then..)
  2. Damn brick! Sounds like you had an awesome day! I'm so happy for you! I love those 'alone' time days.. lol.:graucho:
  3. That was a wonderful day brick! I remember the days of H-Town!! Gosh that brings back memories.
  4. Lambie it they are sleep! So now when I go to work on Tuesday (monday vaca) I can actually say, I had a great weekend..Oh, filing taxes on Monday so....hmmm, still good weekend, Monday doesnt count huh..

    Knaz---Girl who are you telling. My hubby loves H-Town. I bought him every CD they last week so he is loving it. Reminded me of days when I would skip school to chill with him, and listen to H-Town...
  5. Some of my friends think I'm horrible when I admit that I'm happy to 'dump my kids off' at school and head out for a day of shopping with the old ball and chain. There's just nothing like a great day of shopping with your main squeeze! Sounds like you lovebirds had a wonderful time Brick! :love: