My Shopping Addiction on Oxygen!!!

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  1. Just saw previews for this show! It starts October 15. Oh I'm super excited! It showcases young people who basically spend too much money on things they don't need. There's a girl who spends $300-$400 a week at the $.99 store! Then there's an heiress who spends $30,000 a week...oh man...I saw the inside of the heiress' closet and there are A LOT of designer eye candy! Birkins, tons of LV, Chanel, any designer shoe, handbag and article of clothing you can imagine!

    Anyone else going to watch?
  2. I'm watching and I cannot wait!
  3. I'm intrigued enough to tune in.
  4. I've been eagerly awaiting this show since I started seeing the previews during the Bad Girls Club commercial breaks. I am totally DVR-ing it!
  5. I'm going to tune to merely due to the fact that someone can spend $300-$400 a week at the Dollar Tree!!! WTH is she buying?
  6. I want to know what she's buying too. A bunch of junk obviously. She may need to be on hoarders too. Can you imagine a home full of all of those trinkets.
  7. I am definitely dvring this one. For the grace of G-d there go I........
  8. I know right?! It's just a lot of junk!

  9. OMG this ought to be hyserical. I bet her whole house is plastic :lol:

    I will definitely watch this LOL!
  10. FINALLY! Gawd, the ads were killin' me all summer!

  11. I love these types of show I get mad and agree with these women at the same time. Why does this show come on at 11pm though? Really not everyone has dvr I also like the show called Prince$$
  12. I'm just a few minutes into this and I don't seems stupid, or maybe because this girl is borrowing to splurge at the 99¢ store...The other girl is a little more interesting.
  13. it's really conflicting because i'm seeing shades of my life here.

    but i also don't understand how one can spend that much at the dollar sore. that's a mess.

  14. I saw a clip where a girl broke down and was like "why can't I just have nice things!"

    we were here >< on that.