My shoes last purchase deserve its own thread

  1. I received my Moschino shoes today from Zappos.
    They are AMAZING, I order size 38 and they fit just find, just a tad roomy for me at the heel, but have very skinny heel, so almost every shoe fit me that way, the toe box roomy enough for my fat toes, the heel just like they advertised..4 inches, very easy to walk in them, I will be able to wear them all this Fall and Winter as well.
    I inspected workmanship and looks like they are made very careful, no signs of glue at the edges (I always check on arch support is fine, however these shoes are not for miles of walking..4 inches remember;) but for what I have walked around my house I can tell they will be comfy enough to go out and have a good time wearing them.
  2. these are SO fab! extra love for the purple tights :heart:
  3. These shoes are gorgeous! I love them with the nude fishnets! Retro, but in a good way :smile:
  4. Whoa, those are HOT! Love them on you! Great choice! Love all the different color and type of tights / hose you have paired them with.
  5. Nice legs you got there. Thanks for the hose fashion show. :smile:
  6. You've got frickin' amazing legs!!! LOL And, the shoes are FAB too! :yahoo:
  7. Wow those shoes really DO deserve their own thread! I've never paid much attention to Moschino shoes before but those are HOT. And in a classic, timeless way. They look fabulous on you! I'm going to think about ordering a pair for myself now.
  8. Those are really cute!
  9. Very sexy! They look great on you - good taste!
  10. Great pics and hot shoes! Congrats!
  11. They look really good with tights.
  12. I love those hot shoes!
  13. I think you could make a plastic bag look good :p
    amazing legs women!
  14. Love them!!!
  15. Soooo gorgeous!