My shoes have gone mouldy...

  1. Ok first off I HATE living in a seaside town, miserable, seasonal work, cut off from the rest of the world, half the people have drinking problems, high suicide rates, you have to travel an hour to a city or buy on line if you want anything beyond food. (no clothes shops, a&e department etc), people have a very limited world view, university is to be frowned upon. (this is why I console myself with nice shoes..)
    and now to top it all off, it's damp, very very very damp.

    I first noticed mould on my books, then my gloves, then..... my paris 100 boots.
    Call me dramatic but i'm p*ssed.
    I'v just bought 6lbs of silica gel to try and combat the damp.
    excuse me while I go cry.
  2. Awww...don't cry!
    Maybe you can spray some dilute alcohol on them, they're supposed to be effective against mold on leather goods (I'm guessing yours is suede though)...Sorry I'm not much help, but I just want to send ((HUGS)) your way.
  3. Happened to me once. Take the offending shoes outside and brush off the mold with a soft toothbrush. Then go over them with warm water+delicate laundry detergent (if you cannot get a special soap for this from the cobbler). Dip the toothbrush in the soap mixture to clean them then rinse with clean water using the toothbrush and let them air dry. This should take care of the problem.
    Do this outside because the spores you remove can just take up shop elsewhere in the house if not.
  4. sorry to hear this, I too would recommend what 'soleilbrun' suggested-be careful to not soak them in water!

    perhaps take some pictures of the affected areas on your boots and gloves? what material are they?
  5. that's so sad!! definitely follow the steps above to remove the mold...I would also advocate putting all your shoes in airtight containers with silica gel and cedar blocks.
  6. Hey don't get down, At a practical level I would invest in a small electric dehumidifier. they work a treat.

    Then I would focus on university and savings as much as I could so I could move away as soon possible.
  7. Thanks for the replies everyone :hugs:
    I am currently mould proofing my room and going to buy boxes for my shoes, vac bags for my clothes.
    I'v been putting my books into ziplock bags and wiping furniture down with weak bleach, when silica arrives i'll put it around the place in containers.
    Such a nightmare...