My Shoes finally arrived!

  1. So here they are. My shoes finally arrived. I absolutely adore them:love: and plan to debut them at church tomorrow!
  2. Heavenly! :love:
  3. So classic. I love them. Congrats :tup:
  4. So gorgeous Nathans! Congrats!!! :yahoo:
  5. Stunning. Congrats!
  6. beautiful shoes! congrats!
  7. they look so hot :heart:
  8. Wowweeeee wow wow! Gorgeous!
  9. Classic and beautiful! Congratulations on your new shoes!
  10. Oooooohhhhhh........ They're nice :yes:.
  11. NG ~ They Are Gorgeous :love:
  12. ng, they are gorgeous and definitely the kind of formal shoe I'd wear. :smile:
    Congrats. :smile:
  13. Ohhh....pretty! Congrats!!
  14. lovely! congrats!:tender:
  15. Those shoes rock!!!!!
    Congratulations! I hope they carry you to amazing adventures!