My Shoe Collection

  1. Here is my shoe collection

  2. Those are great! I just got into shoes a few months ago and love my coach shoes!
  3. Impressive collection beljwl! :smile:
  4. Thanks. Coach shoes are so comfy!!!
  5. Gorgeous collection!!
  6. Wow wee! I :heart: your collection... especially the wedges, my Favorite!! :girlsigh:
  7. I love your boots!:heart:
  8. I love your collection! I have the Janeesa wedges in red and black and I love them. I wanted the brown ones too, but they were sold out of my size!

    I also have the scribble sneaks! You have such a great variety of shoes! :yes:
  9. What an awesome collection!!

    They're all great, but I have to say those rainboots are SO cute. *L*
  10. I really like the burberry boots, wish I had those for rainy or snowy days.
  11. Great collection!!
  12. wow! Very nice collection! :biggrin:
  13. Wow! I just have one pair of flip flops (Starla- had to get them, it is my sister's name) and some house slippers.