My Shoe Collection: Why I never have $$ for Balenciaga

  1. Just realized this when I pulled out my shoe collection today. I'm always complainging about how I never have $ for Bbags and seeing all my shoes together... I got why.

    But I don't necessarily see myself halting the shoe collecting anytime soon despite this... Anyhow, I just buy shoes that I love and are comfy. I used to have about 10-12 of manolos 5 years or so ago during the SATC craze, but after stepping into Prada and Louboutin, I realized that beauty did not have to equal blood. :idea: So this is my collection, I'm mostly a rocker/art chick- so I tend not to buy too many pretty shoes, more funky or unsual items with a harder edge. I really like how each person's shoe collection can be molded to suit their own personal style but still be high quality and beautiful... even if their style isn't typical. hehe. anyhow! My collection included high end brands, mid-range, vintage and some low-end brands- I'm not snobby about my brand of shoes, if they are cute, well-made and really grab me, I take them home with me!

    So here is the shoe collection:

    umm... so my attempt to distinguish the brands in order.. hehe!
    Front to back, left to right:
    ROW 1: nude leather strappy heels Edmundo Castillo, natural leather and suede bootlet heels Vintage Fredericks of Hollywood (1970), Gold leather springolater mules Vintage Fredericks of Hollywood (1967), orange patent leather spectator flats (eww so dirty :wtf: ) from La Redoute, celedon suede flats Nordstrom, bronze sequin flats urban outfitters, pale blue-grey loafer flats from Zara.
    ROW 2: purple satin roundtoe heels Nina, Vintage silver patent leather strappy heels Van Cleef, apple green suede round toed slingback flats Marc Jacobs, striped silk slingback heels Marc Jacobs, brown lambskin Vivienne Westwood pirate boots, nuede suede heels Hype, black suede short boots by Nine West, Olive green suede round toed pumps by Marc Jacobs
    ROW 3: black strappy heels ann Taylor, white slingback kitten heels Irregular Choice, chartreuse cutout pumps by Christian Louboutin, brown moccasin pumps by Ann Klein, blakc snakeskin round toed heels by Prada
    ROW 4: crazy tapestry booties with fur pompoms (I was obviously drunk when I bought these.) by some designer in Greenich Village, round toed black suede wrap knee high boots by Newport News, black leather platform booties by Prada, black and hot pink patent strappy heels by Prada, <(over to the other side of the curtain)> fuschia satin slingback heels by Christian Louboutin, Vintage turquoise leather cage pumps

    My faves are... the Prada platform short boots, the chartreuse CL pumps, orange patent flats, apple green MJ slingbacks... I wear those most often I think. I just realized I didnt take pics of the shoes in my armoire... another day. It's mostly sneakers, sandals and my batch of strippery shoes from Bebe (just more trendyand mainstream looking I mean really). :jammin:
  2. :heart: the fuschia Louboutin slingbacks!

    Thanks for sharing!:yes:
  3. I love those... so marilyn monroe! they have a handcrafted rose made out of the same fuschia satin and a salmon satin rose on the front that is full and beautiful! I love them and they are comfortable! amazingly enough!

    I just realized you can't see my platform prada booties... I'll post an individual pic of them, they are amazing!
  4. I love those orange flats!!! lovveeeee them!
  5. I like the diverisity in your collection. It's great to see so much color.