My shoe collection at the mo' :) Pics!!!

  1. now that i've fixed my walk-in extension ("ala greenhouse for my fashion stash") let me share some of my shoe collection! :smile: i haven't fixed it that much yet so i will be updating this thread. :smile:

    Most aren't really top designers (hello, i only have one gucci (its in the box) the rest are bcbg, hype, rampage, ann taylor, steve madden, bakers, nine west, and custom hongkong designer shoes: alain tondowski, autinori etc):smile:


  2. Beautiful collection!!
  3. I love how organized everything should see my shoes...ugghhhh
  4. Great shoe collection! Nice closet!
  5. ahh fab shoes, and what a gorgeous display, it must be pleasure every day to pick what ones you are going to wear :smile:
  6. omg, I love your shoes AND the closet! Very cute shoes! Thanks for sharing.
  7. I love your shoes! I wish my apartment is big enough for a walk-in extension:crybaby:
  8. thanks girls!!! :smile: i just fixed it today too!

    here are more pics although i've also posted this at the handbags closet thread heehee :smile:



    tall view (night pm already!)
  9. I love your closet, it's so organized :girlsigh: I have a walkin closet but it's always a total mess
  10. Beautiful display, and a lovely shoe collection! Very pretty! :smile:
  11. thanks girls!!!! :smile:
  12. I love theway your closet is laid out!
  13. thanks!!!! i designed it myself and im so happy with how it turned out!
    here's another pic hehe just wanted to share to show you the tree outside my house. :smile:

  14. That is heaven....I live in Hong Kong, and closets are not standard in a lot of apartments....and I mean no closet at all!!!! My closet space is so pathetic, and my shoes and bags are tucked into every available crevice imaginable!!! I would love to have a spot like that!!!!
  15. Are you in HK, as well...just read your post again, and saw that you mentioned HK custom shoes??? If so, I want to live where you live...your closet is bigger than my bedroom!!!!!:smile: