My shining Roxbury Drive

  1. Finally, I bought the pomme d' amour Roxbury Drive, before I was thinking the perle color, but I am afraid of easy to get dirty, so just chose a sharp color I never have. I can't find the date code in the bag, anyone can help me? thx~~
    IMG_1733.jpg IMG_1725.jpg IMG_1727.jpg
  2. WOW.. very pretty!!! I love pomme d'amour! Congrats!!
  3. That is so pretty... and it looks really good on you.
  4. Wow! I love that color and style!
  5. Congratulations! The Pomme Roxbury is absolutely stunning.
  6. Welcome to pomme roxburrry club. I wish they make that in peppermint. That would be so yummy!
  7. Very pretty, congrats!
  8. It's gorgeous! Congratulations!
  9. Looks great on you! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!
  10. ah it's gorgeous congrats:drool:
    my fav vernis bag specially in that color...
  11. Beautiful! I love the Roxbury!
  12. it's gorgeous and looks great on you! :yes:
  13. one of the best styles in vernis and in a gorgeous color. you look fantastic with it!
  14. Very pretty! Congrats!
  15. thx~~everyone~~