My Shining Monkey just arrived. Scared!

  1. Ok guys, my Shining Monkey just arrived but I'm scared to use it. Please reassure me that it's ok and nothing is going to happen to my precious.
  2. Just light, quick'll be fine.
  3. Go ahead, don't be afraid. I use it on all my LVs, just spray all over. Have fun :smile:
  4. No worries. It will darken your vachetta for a split-second, and then it will turn right back to normal.

    Spray outside though!

  5. Totally agree!! Light, quick, even sprays and it'll be fine!! I treated my new Deauville back in Feb. and it's fantastic! At first the vachetta looks darker, but after it dries it looks pale again. *I also sprayed my Uggs and hadn't worn them since treating them until just last week and water rolled right off of them! I love that stuff. It does have a strong odor tho, so you'll wanna spray outdoors...yes, the odor fades from the bag after it's completely dry!

    Good luck. Let us know how it goes!!
  6. don't worry...just spray a nice even layer on the will darken it temporarily...but then it will dry and it will look like you never sprayed anything! I usually do two applications...afterwards make sure to wipe down any hardware or canvas that may have gotten wet. keep us updated!!
  7. i'm too scared to put anything on my lvs... let us know how it turns out!
  8. Dont be scared!!! BE EXCITED!!! I love the stuff~!!! Like the others said...just spray lightly and evenly, a few will be amazed with the results!!
  9. it's totally fine! spray away. :yes:
  10. Go for it! There's nothing to lose :smile:
  11. Don't be scared!! I did my mono speedy last week at it turned out PERFECTLY!! I even did 4 coats!!

    I do recommend doing it outside though, like a previous poster is kinda stinky:sad:
  12. don't be scared, I have treated a few and nothing has happened.
  13. How long do I have to wait between each coat?
  14. I waited 20 minutes between each coat!
  15. Thanks You and also thanks to everyone else for the support and advice.