my shih-tzu throws up for no reason

  1. Hi everyone, i have a 1.5 yr old shih tzu and i dont know if this is a serious problem or not but he throws up sometimes. He throws up wat looks like food/hair and its orange in color sometimes. The other day i heard him making weird noises and i went over to look and he was making the throw up movements. He doesnt do this often but my last dog threw up, i took him the doc and i basically spent 200 to find out that theres nothing wrong with my dog...
    Anyone else had this problem with thier dog?
  2. Hairballs are problems with dogs with longer hair, is yours a long-haired shih tzu? Basically you need to just comb him more. If his food doesn´t melt I would suggest getting food made for a sensitive stomach.
  3. Could it be stress? My cat was throwing up a while back due to many changes(new house, me being out of town for a week, thunderstorm, etc.) She was given meds to calm her stomach to see if it was stress, and it was. She now takes anxiety pills before going to the vet or something to keep her calm. Either way, I would go to the vet just to make sure everything is okay. I hope your doggy feels better soon!
  4. It depends how often he is throwing up. If it's not often, like once a month, I wouldn't worry about it. If it's a few times a week, take him to the vet. It's worth paying the bill for the peace of mind.
  5. My sister's shih tzu has a really sensitive stomach and throws up rather easily. You may want to look at your pup's diet and see if maybe there's something there causing the condition. Also, I agree with the poster about brushing more if you keep your shih tzu long haired.
  6. My Shih Tzu has a really sensitive stomach and if she eats anything she shouldn't she gets sick. We have to make sure no one gives her people food and make sure she doesn't try to eat anything she shouldn't during her walks. If the problem is really persistant I would go to the vet, but I do think that the breed has a sensitive stomach.
  7. does food come up with all the other stuff? i've had several dogs with the empty-belly yaks -- they'd vomit bile sometimes. small snacks every couple hours always did the trick, and our vet never suggested we needed to look into any medical issue.
  8. I had a shih-tzu at one time as well.. and he had a sensitive stomach as well. If he drank too much water... he would throw that up as well. Same goes if he ate too much. ALthough there was this one time.. he got really sick.. and what had happened was he chewed and swallowed Mr. Potato Heads tongue... it was stuck in his intestines and he was having problems passing it... Long story short... the vet gave him laxatives.. and after a couple days of non stop throwing up... he finally passed it. Hope all goes well, if it becomes consistent and you notice behavior and bowel movement change, I say go to the vet.
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  10. Do you think he might have an eating disorder? :wtf:

    Sorry, bad joke, I just couldn't help myself!:p
  11. Yep he has long hair...and half the time he's throwing up what looks like a hairball.
    Thanks for all the help, i never knew shih tzu's had a weak stomach...i always fed him snacks and human food... i guess its time to stop.
  12. Yep the human food will do it! My Boston has a sensitive stomach too and he has some human food that he is used to like peanut butter-cottage cheese and the odd french fry the kids slip him. But if he gets into anything else watch out. We just had Thanksgiving up here in Canada last weekend and he didn't miss a piece of turkey that hit the floor while the bird was being carved. He paid dearly for that turkey feast and I wish it was just a little throw up :throwup:. I would start with the human food then if the problem doesn't get better start changing other things. Our vet told us even starting a new bag of dog food can upset their bellies.
  13. My maltese/shih tzu mix throws up occasionally, often when he's too full. I think you should pay attention to what's in the vomit. If it's hair then yes perhaps it's hairball and it's nothing to worry about. What about the orange thingy? Do you feed him something in that color? I know dogs have slow digestion so you can basically figure out if it's food in the vomit.

    Others have great suggestion too about the sensitive stomach issue. Your lil one might have this kind of thing and it's prolly best to take a closer look on his diet. I am like you, perhaps even more bad, I feed my dog all sorts of things and his stomach is a rubber (LOL) he can take almost everything. He also eat to the fullest and often throw up as a result. If yours have a sensitive stomach, then perhaps he can't take the human food. Try giving him dog food only and see if the problem persist.
  14. My brothers dog, a Yorkie/Maltese mix, pukes all the time. But she eats all kind of crap, like rocks, sticks, leaves, screws, pennies, CDs, string, anything she can put in her mouth. We give her special food when she gets an upset stomach. I'd check with your vet to make sure there is nothing wrong but maybe get some special food for sensitive tummies when it gets upset.