My Shearling Flap Fur and Classic Flap Fur Bag

  1. I got the shearling flap in 2004 :love: The classic flap I got it recently from Saks, however I don't know what year is it from, anyone?? :idea:
    fur_bag3b.jpg fur_classic_flap_b.jpg
  2. Love the white Shearling Flap. :heart:
  3. ^^^ I second that.
  4. ^^ Me three!
  5. LOVE that white one!!!
  6. The white is gorgeous.
  7. the white is so gorgey! :love: :tender:
  8. The white one looks like the most perfect winter purse ever!! What a beautiful accessory
  9. :wtf:it's beautiful and so white (like a samoy) want to stroke/pat it all the time.
  10. I also love the white one!! That was my very first Chanel :P However IRL, it is not as bright and light, it is a actually off white but still beautiful :smile:
  11. i love your white bag! it looks gorgeous.
  12. Yes the shearling flap is GORGEOUS!
  13. Its gorgeous! Do you mind if I ask how much was it? :smile:
  14. I think it was $1895 :yes:
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