My shark disappeared in my fishtank!

  1. I've had a shark that is atleast 7 inches long and three inches thick (umm yes I'm talking about sharks here), and its been missing for the last week! Its a 48 gallon tank, no other sharks or fish that could hurt it, and it has no place to hide where we couldnt see him. It cant be under the gravel or in the filter (too big). It all happened when one day it got freaked out because DH kept messing with the tank. It swam around in panic for a while (otherwise its not very active). I'd never seen it do that before. Next morrning it was gone. Twilight zone? Anyone have any ideas? (I googled it and it appears some other people have this problem but no answers...):crybaby:
  2. Could it have jumped out and ended up behind the tank?? That is starange.
  3. Nope..tank is covered. If it died or something the body would still be there. There's no body! This is driving me nuts!
  4. That's really strange!
  5. Very strange..
  6. That is very weird.....We had an octopus and we had to make the tank escape proof. Now we have a cuddlefish and he is pretty happy where he is.

    The cuddlefish can hide pretty well.....maybe he is hidden somewhere.
  7. Maybe he's hiding? That's very strange, I really hope you can find him!
  8. oh this is weird. It has be hiding somewhere in the tank.
  9. I hope you find it!
  10. Wow, that is kinda freaky! Hope you find your shark!
  11. Your shark is probably hiding. He'll have to eat sooner or later.
  12. Maybe the shark got stolen???
  13. lol no, not even my cats could steal him if they tried. *sigh* I don't know. I've never actually seen him eat and he hasn't come out yet. Oh well just thought I'd try and see if someone here knew. Thanks anyway!
  14. Wow..Very strange! :confused1: Are you sure he didn't jump out somehow and ended up behind a piece of furniture? Also if he got out would your cats eat him? I used to have large fish a loooong time ago and I remember some of them used to get out. I also used to have a mini lobster and he used to climb out (yes my tank was covered but there was a narrow opening where the filter was) and walk around the house. I used to have to go look for him wwhen I came home and discovered he was missing! Anyway lots of luck! I really hope you find your shark! I hope he's just hiding in there!
  15. That is really freaky!! Let us know when (if!) you find him!