My SF trip to Hermas

  1. Went in with my indigo/blue jean trim 35 birkin. Left with a new H enamal bracelet and a scarfl. Pictures....
    birkinscarf.jpg birkinscarfside.jpg hermeslilacbracelet.jpg
  2. beautiful bracelet and bag. :flowers:
  3. Beautiful! Did you go today? Congrats, ITbag!

    Did you see the gold 32cm Kelly with the gold hardware on the shelf?
  4. no, that was gone. but a 28 dark brown Kelly rigid available. it's a beauty.
  5. I saw that one too....Wow! Those Kelly's don't last long, that's for sure. Some lucky lady is walking around with a gorgeous 32cm Gold Togo Kelly with gold hardware....I wonder who she is??????
  6. I Love Your New Pieces!
  7. I love your bracelet!!!!
    I'm thinking about getting one too ~ drool....

    The scarf looks great tied on your bag... so precious!
  8. Thanks for sharing theItbag! I love the bracelet and the scarf matches well with your bag.
  9. Love the bag, scarf and bracelet! Enjoy...
  10. Congrats! Beautiful purchases, and I love your Birkin!
  11. Gorgeous! The scarf looks so pretty with your Birkin!
    How do you like your new bag so far?
  12. Beautiful purchases! Love the colors of the scarf. :heart: And I love the H bracelet so much!
  13. Ditto!

    Shopmom...don't worry about that bag...let it go. Your bag is being made for you right about now!:yes:
  14. Oh Kelly bag.....thank you! It was tough to put that bag down but I had to......:smile:
  15. It is tough to walk away from something so beautiful, but it makes your acquisition all the more sweeter!