My Senior Kitty Has Diabetes

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  1. My 15yo cat was diagnosed with diabetes today.

    I gave her her first insulin shot tonight. I have to take her in Saturday morning so they can check her sugar levels (not sure that is the correct term). They will teach me how to check her levels myself (not really looking forward to that but hopefully it is easier than I think it will be).

    I hope we can find the proper dosage of insulin for her quickly.

    He said not to change her food for now.

    Any advice from other kitty mommies who have gone through this would be appreciated.
  2. I'm so sorry your kitty has Diabetes but it can be managed and it is easier than you think to treat at home. First join this chat board:

    They are all people with Diabetic cats and someone is always there to give you advice or just to listen.

    You are very brave to have already given your baby her first shot. That was the hard part for me as I used to be terrified of needles. I got over it to treat my kitty. I actually learned so much with my first Diabetic cat that I adopted another one that was already Diabetic. He was 10 when I adopted him and he died 6 years later from something else. It is not a death sentence. If you have any questions feel free to PM me. There is too much info for me to try and help with one post. Read the intro on the board. You will feel a lot better.
  3. Thanks Cindi. I will be sure to check out that link.

    She is having breakfast and I will be giving her her second shot shortly. I was pretty apprehensive yesterday when she was diagnosed but it's much easier than I anticipated.

    Not at all sure how pricking her ear to test her blood is going to be but I will cross that bridge when I get there. No sense needlessly worrying.
  4. Once you get the hang of the ear prick test it is a snap. There are videos of the process on that Chat Board you can watch. No need to worry about it. It is simple. I used Neosporin with pain relief (not that it hurts enough for that) to wipe on the ear before the test. It coats the fur so the drop of blood doesn't soak in. It takes MAYBE 10 seconds for the whole test. That is the easy part. It can take some time to find the perfect dosage. Lots of trial and error. But once you find it things will be much easier and it will just become another part of your day. Wake up, test the cat, shot, breakfast, shower, get dressed, go to work. LOL
  5. You don't do the ear prick every day, do you?
  6. My Diabetic boy has passed but I did start out testing every day. You need to test before giving a shot to make sure their BG (blood glucose) number is within shooting range. If it is too low when you shoot you will drop the number even more and you could end up with a problem. I usually served the meal and gave the shot while he was eating. He never even looked up. After a while you will be able to just look at your kitty and see where she is. At least I did. It is not as horrible as it sounds. It just takes a little while for it to become routine.

  7. I have been concerned about her quality of life for some time now as she has really bad cataracts and I think is almost totally blind in one eye and I have no idea how well she sees with the other, though likely not very.

    She hasn't been able to jump up to look out the windows, etc., for some time or to just sit there in the sunshine, even if she can't see outside very well.

    Now she has diabetes.

    She seems okay but I just don't know how happy she is any more.
  8. She had to go for a BG check-up today. On Wed when she was diagnosed her level was 22.XX and today it was 6.6. The vet advised to cut her insulin to 1.5 IU from 2.0 IU since her level has dropped so substantially after only 6 doses.

    She goes back on Monday for another check.

    I notice a difference in her already after only a couple days. She is drinking less and, though it is hard to tell with cats, and particularly elderly cats, she seems to be sleeping a little less.
  9. That's great news! Some cats only need the Insulin for a short while and for some reason it kick starts their own Insulin production. Maybe she will be one of those cats. Fingers crossed she gets OTJ (off the juice). An all wet food diet will help if you are not already off the dry.
  10. Oh gosh that's horrible, I know how you feel my babygirl Angel who's 11 yrs old was diagnosed w/ Diabetes earlier this year, & I was TERRIFIED about what that meant for her lifespan & health in general (I would be completely devastated if I ever lost her, which I know I might soon w/i the next 7-10 yrs God willing). The vet said we caught it so early that we could get it to go into remission if we gave her, her shots when told which was twice a day once after breakfast & once after dinner & kept her on a strict diet . But when I took both the kitties in for their yearly shots & checkups we had forgotten to give Angel her shot (breakfast one) & the vet went ahead & did a blood glucose test on her & lo & behold her sugars were ALMOST normal (I think it was over by 1 or 2) & now she's in remission & back to her normal self, & this was after 2-3 months of insulin shots :smile:. I will have your kitty in my thoughts & hope for the best outcome for your furrbaby :biggrin:
  11. Thanks for your comments, miszg. Glad to hear your kitty is doing so well.

    My cat went back to the vet yesterday and her BG was 6.8.

    I need to buy a BG Meter for home and I am not sure what kind to get. If anyone has suggestions I'd appreciate it.
  12. Freestyle Flash uses the smallest blood sample. That is what I used for my 2 boys, but you might want to ask the pharmacist wherever you go to get the meter what he recommends. Meters have probably changed in the last year. Or check out that chat board. They are definitely up on the latest and best.
  13. Holy smokes! I just looked up test strips online and they are close to $1.00 each. Crikey!