My semi chanel family <3

  1. hi my fellow chanel sisters~
    just wanted to share my chanel pieces with my lovely enablers.. i call it my semi family because it is missing a few pieces here and there.. i am missing my GST, a vintage creme tote, my jumbo black with gold, and another burgundy wallet.. so here is what i have with me at my apartment right now:

    introducing my small 'semi' family:

    my ivory XL jumbo!! :heart:

    My beige with silver medium~

    My black with silver medium:
  2. [​IMG]

    My beige medallion :wlae:

    Burgundy wallet :supacool:

    the semi fam standing up straight. look how tall ivory is!!

    thanks for letting me share and procrastinate my school work :yes: if i ever get to go back home during this crazy schedule, i will take pics of the rest and post here again~!
  3. OH I love your semi-family! All of them are beautiful and classic! I love the white w/GH.
  4. Thanks for posting and letting us admire your lovely collection, sweet_peas! :love: I love how everything you have is in caviar leather, it is so pebbly and delightful, my favorite too!
  5. nice collection like them all!!!!!!
  6. Wow! I'm in love with your ivory XL :drool:
  7. what a lovely family u got there! esp. the jumbo flap! I like :smile:
  8. lovely chanel collection!:tup: congrats!:yahoo:
  9. i love your ivory xl jumbo!! it's so unique.
    is it hard to keep clean?? i already am so paranoid about scuffing up my black one..
  10. gorgeous chanels
  11. nice collection, love the jumbo flap.
  12. gorgeous! I love that ivory jumbo.... thanks for sharing!
  13. very pretty collections. lots of gorgeous colors!!
  14. The ivory jumbo is gorgeous! Lovely collection you have
  15. love ur collection, they are fabulous~