My Seller's Account got Suspended Indefinetly?!?!

  1. I have an online business on eBay where I resell product I find on sale. I go shopping every so often to pick up sale items then resell them. Its not a lot of money but its enough for a full time student to get a little bit of spending cash.

    I checked my email yesterday to find that eBay had shut down my account!! I was shocked because I have never had any problems with them before!! They shut it down because they said that there was another account that was suspended that was associated with mine??? I don't know what to do!!:wtf:

    I had about 35 auctions that were up and set to end within the next week... It was supposed to bring in $1500 by the time they all ended... I've emailed them and I'm waiting for a response... My dad had his account suspended randomly a few months ago and it took him a whole month to get it reactivated!! I can't wait that long!!! I just checked my credit card and bank account... I only have $55 now that I have paid off my credit cards...

    One option I am considering is going back to the stores to return the merchandise I was going to resell... I would get $800 back for it... I reread some of the receipts and most are "all sales final". Plus I had up for auction alot of my personal Coach pieces in order to pay for my new Dior which is already on its way... Now I have nothing!!! :crybaby:Gas costs alone would set me back another $80! =( I really hope they reactivate my account soon!! I don't know what I'm going to do with $55... :shrugs:
  2. Sorry to hear this. You need to email eBay and let them know your dad's acc. is active again and you have been suspended because of his acccount. Meanwhile, if you need the cash, the best thing to do is to return your items to the store as it can take at least 2 weeks for you to get reactivated again not to mention that you've to relist everything all over again.
  3. I didn't get suspended over my dad's account. I think it was somebody who bid on one of my items but is also no longer a registered user. I tallied up the returns and it only comes to $50... the rest were all final sales. I emailed them last night and this morning. Both replies said that my account would be suspended indefinetly and that they are "sorry I do not agree with their decision" :cursing:
  4. From your first post, they suspended your account because someone from your household got suspended before/now. One of my friend had a same situation a few months ago where her partner's account was suspended and even after he got reinstated, ebay suspended her account weeks later because her's was associated with her partner's. I know it's silly because he was reinstated but they still suspend hers.

    Your buyer being "no longer a registered user" has nothing to do with your account.

    Try telling them about your dad's account, they should be able to reinstate yours after you send in more infos as my friend is back on again.
  5. Post something on the ebay boards where someone might read your post and give you a hand on exactly what you need to do. I would try the ebay trust & safety board. Make sure your subject line is accurate and give complete information.
  6. my co-worker got suspended for doing things she shouldn't have and we were linked through our jobs and I had send ebay a copy of a photo id along with proof I was who I said I was.

    It took about 3 weeks to get fixed
  7. ebay will not suspend you for having a bidder be a non registered user -- there is another reason.

    related question: can others see that your account has been suspended?
  8. Can you have more than one account?
  9. How did they know where you worked or who you work with? That's kind of creepy and big-brothery if that's what they were looking at.
  10. Maybe because they both registered with the same address? I think if one person at an address is suspended, they look to see what other user IDs are from the same address and suspend the other one too because they have no way of knowing if it's the same person using a different name.
  11. weird!!

    Sorry for your trouble!
  12. They must have bid on each other's items to raise the price. I had a friend who did that and both their accounts got caught. They can't relate you to your job unless your job is on eBay. You don't even give them that information! lol
  13. Correct me if I am wrong, but it is not possible to post when your account is suspended. Or?
  14. Is is possible that someone else previous to you used your registered address on eBay? If the previous people used your registered address and got suspended and you are using the same address they will relate the two together. You need to contact eBay and find out HOW are they relating the two accounts together (could be address or phone contact info).
  15. We were linked together through our jobs first I thought she had hacked into my account it was a big mess I had to prove I wasn't my co-worker. I have never had to go to the extremes that I did to say hey it's really ME not her. I was fuming ebay told me in the letter that I was being suspended and why and they told me her name/ebay name. Once my suspension was lifted I changed everything from my screen name to my passwords etc.