My self-imposed PURSE FORUM BAN

  1. For the past 3 months I've been stuyding for my medical boards. Each day I found myself looking forward to my breaks so I can come on where else.....tPF!! So I started noticing that it was a distraction. And that I spent way too much time on tPF, time I needed to study instead. So I did the unthinkable; I banned myself from the forum until I was done with boards (which was today). Here was my experience and I wanted to share it with everybody:

    1. It was EXTREMELY hard for the first two days. I was seriously having withdrawl symptoms. That only happens when someone is addicted. Many of us joke about it, but it's simply the case. Coming here is an addiciton.

    2. I felt like I was missing something in my day. Being without it was strange. I had to change my daily online routine.

    3. I started daydreaming of what you girls were talking about, and about all the fun I was missing.

    4. This is the most revealing desire for bags decreased TREMENDOUSLY!!! I didn't care about the bags on my wish list anymore. I would carry my other bags and realized I was completely satisfied with what I have. In fact, I realized that I already have so much. I don't even use all of them. Some haven't been touched at all (like my MJ Stam and Dior shopper and MC Alma). I started thinking I was ridiculous for wanting more. It was quite an eye-opening experience. I'm glad I did it.

    5. Even coming back today, I feel like the luster of tPF has faded away (no offense ladies). I don't get the same joy out of it. Everything seems old to me; same topics, same people, same desires. Nothing has changed. Which is great for some. But I realized I'm not missing anything.

    So, I propose that you put yourself on a ban and see how long it lasts. Try to see what you learn about yourself and if you really need /want all the bags you're planning to purchase. I just had a rather sober epiphany and I wanted to maybe have you guys experience it as well. If anyone does it, good luck!!!!:flowers:
  2. ^ i feel the same as you when i was studying my finals....I had to get my BF to take away my laptop till i was was pretty bad...people comme over and wonder what the heck coul i be online for so long for.....(of couse i dont tell them cause this is my dirty little secret)..hhehehe
  3. The other day, our internet messed up, so we had no internet for a day. The whole morning I just kept trying to check if it was on just to go to tpf, and sadly it wasn't. I felt so lost without it. I kept thinking about all the fun and discussion and bags everyone was talking about and how badly I wanted to join in. Thank goodness the internet is working again. It really is tough going a day without the tpf.
  4. i've put myself on a designer subforums ban for the last few weeks and i've realized many of the same things. i do enjoy the company throughout the rest of the forum though so i stay. :yes:
  5. Looks like someone has seen the light :yes:,good for you BlueBunny.
  6. I just wanted to say congrats on finishing your boards! What an accomplishment, and I hope all went well! Purses can be fun, but you've got to have your priorities straight.
  7. Thanks for posting this. This has happened to me, as well. Since I have moved and started a new job, I have spent less time on the forum. I miss chatting and BSing with my favorite PF members, but I'm so exhausted when I come home from work :yucky: I'm also crazy busy with family and friend stuff almost every weekend.

    Anywho, I've realized that my desire for more bags has also decreased. I have a great collection already, with a few great choices that fit every occasion. I would rather come here and share in the happiness of other members who buy bags and post threads with pictures of their new, great purchase, rather than always be chasing after something and wanting more. That's not to say that I won't buy a couple of pieces from the new LV inclusion colors when the collection comes out, but - you get the point ;) I'm also saving a crapload of money by abstaining from buying too many bags. The bf and I are having serious talks about buying a home, the holidays are coming up, etc. Now is not the time for me to spend money.

    The PF is addictive - but to me, it's because of the awesome people who post here! Sharing my love of bags and accessories with this great group of people is what keeps me coming back :nuts:

    I'm glad you learned something about yourself and that you had a positive experience, BlueBunny. Good for you :smile:
  8. Similar experience. Have been coming to PF less frequently and have virtually no interest in bags. Have one or two new ones I have hardly or never used and seem to have just worn a groove into my Speedy -- will probably keep using it for years without changing.

    All the energy has gotten transferred -- to golf! Just started and have been reading everything I can get my hands on, and taking lessons and doing research on equipment in advance of buying clubs. Golf stuff is expensive but you can buy some really nice gear for less than the price of an LV!
  9. Wow, I'm glad to hear that my experience is similar to others. since the Marketplace went private, and I have not been allowed to participate there, I have a slightly more rational perspective on handbag lust! I still collect and ogle bags, but I don't need every "it" bag that seems to be a "must have".
  10. I commend you for realizing the priorities in your life and what matters and what really doesn't. Your words ring true here. I hear you!! But I do like the variety of different conversations this board offers such as diet and fitness, General discussion, Deals and Steals, etc. I've put alot of things I've learned from the board to good use in other ways such as makeup purchases. Discounts for other purchases at other sites. Tips on weightloss and great discussions on general topics that make me laugh. So it has it's ups and downs and doesn't have to always have to be about purse purchases. I've only purchased one highend bag since joining and I'm satisfied with that but to each his own. It's what each person draws from the site I guess. But I do commend you on your take on it. Thanks.
  11. I went away for a month and the first week, i actually started listing the threads i need to start, the pics i need to post... it was crazy! Now I just go on when i am bored and have free time it is not necessary. I am not setting goals about how many post i should do per day/per week/per month etc. It feels nicer almost.

    But of course I still have to check up on the pf every day now that i have my computer back!!!!!

    I LOVE THE PF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!