My secret to get my Chi to walk in the rain

  1. I don't know about yours but my Chi HATES to get wet. If I try to walk him when it is raining he REFUSES to walk so my trick is to put him under my jacket and then carry him to the end of the block and then he has no choice but to walk home if he wants to get out of the rain. And then he figures he might as well do his business while he is out there.
  2. LMAO your dog sounds so cute!!!

    I love Chihuahuas (as you can tell!! LOL)
  3. Don't they sell doggie raincoats?

    (Would he wear one if you got him one?)
  4. Yes, he loves clothes and has a few raincoats but he still hates to get his feet wet. I bought him shoes but he hates them and they actually did not do much to keep his feet dry.(They just looked really cute).
  5. That's too funny! I was actually going to buy Maya boots for that exact same reason...but they don't keep the feet dry?
  6. I am sure some work better at keeping their little paws dryer than others. Just the ones I bought for him I think were more for looks than anything else. I am not sure if I can name the brand but just look at my aviator and you might be able to tell the brand. The initials of the brand are L.L. So once I saw he HATED them I did not buy him a different brand. Instead I bought myself a new purse ;)
  7. My chi is the exact same way. Your chi is so cute!!! I will have to use that trick! He knows how to slip his color by moving his head a certain way, so he always does that and runs back to a covered area when it is raining!
  8. That's so cute!
  9. Haha! good idea!
    I'm sure despite the brand they are all pretty much the same thing, probably have to find actual rain boots.:yes:
  10. speaking of chi babies .... meet Tootsie/Baby

  11. Tootsie looks so sweet!
  12. I read that its not getting wet in the rain that bothers a dog, but its the sound of the rain that really bothers their poor ears.