**My Second YSL and I Love it!** (London Tote)

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  1. Hello All....

    So today I headed out for some holiday shopping here in the states and went down to Yves Saint Laurent. I have been wanting a casual tote for grad school, something classic, chic, and understated. I laid eyes on this and knew this was it! I love easy shopping! :wlae:

    My YSL London Tote in Leather...There is more to the name I just dont know it all Lol. Thanks for stopping by!



    I apologize for the dirty mirror but I wanted to show size...Im a tall guy and the tote still looks big:yes:
  2. Congrats, I dig it! A great classic tote!
  3. ^ Thank you so much!
  4. nice!
  5. Aha! This is where you are :nuts: hee! hee! I found you ~ lol!

    Congrats again sweetie!:hugs: Good luck with grad school :tup: :urock:
  6. Thank you Hansyu!

    :Push:My SweetP, you sure did catch me! I left LV forum for a sec to share my YSL lol, I know you forgive me though! ;) Im glad you came to visit me over here! Thank you so much for the well wishes! I start my teaching credential program on Wednesday :sweatdrop: Im excited and noyvous! But caring a nice bag will help!
  7. Congrats on getting into grad school. Getting a nice new bag is exactly the same way how I reward myself for achieving a big step in life!

    And the London tote is fabulous!
  8. I bought a London Tote also for work. This is really great! I am pleased to share with you my YSL family members.

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  9. What is your first YSL? Nice to share with us the pic.
  10. Thank you sooo much C_24! I think I am really going to enjoy school and this bag:tup:

    Edwang, LOVE your totes! I love the colors as well :drool: Thanks for stopping by! Oh, and my first YSL was a Downtown Carryall in grey a bought a couple months ago, theres a few pics in my showcase collection link in my sig if you want to take a look:yes:. Thank you again for stopping by!
  11. love it! ysl is fab!
  12. Thanks Candy...I agree, YSL= FAB
  13. Congrats on your new bag!!
    Looks great on you !!
  14. Thanks so much Travelbliss!!
  15. Love the London Tote! Congrats on your 1st YSL...
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