My second unhappy experience from reebonz!

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  1. The same thing happened !

    After ordering a red tri Celine, I received the same call from reebonz, saying during their final check up in Singapore, they discover a scratch on the bag and refused to send me photos to prove it.

    I really doubt what happened to this company. 2 months ago after ordering a coliquat mini luggage, they called me saying there was a scratch in the bag and cannot send it to me.
    This time, I asked for proof and they said it is not their usual practice. The customer service is extremely rude, too.
    Any comments apart from being an unfortunate victim?
  2. Sorry that has happened to you!! A real bummer...
  3. This sounds very odd. I have only ever bought one bag a couple of years ago from Reebonz, an early-Philo days Celine bag that's no longer in production, and it came in perfect condition although the description said there were some scratches, hence the marked-down price. IMHO, the Celine bags on Reebonz now are seriously over-priced. Take it as a blessing that you don't have to pay for the bag since they've cancelled the transaction. It's possible that they didn't have the bag/s to start with, hence the regular disappointments that you've experienced. The story about them not being able to honour the transaction because of scratches on the bag sounds implausible to me. Where did the pictures on the website come from if they were not the ones to take it?
  4. I'm sorry this happened to you AGAIN! I recall reading your first experience. It just seems way too sketchy to me at this point. I would not order from them again if i were you.
  5. i agree, for that to happen twice in such a short period is bizarre. i'm sorry for your disappointment and particularly that they treated you poorly after getting your hopes up for this bag :nogood:
  6. so the same thing happened twice?? that's definitely sketch!