My second spy...

  1. Hi all... I'm new to the Fendi room. Hellos!!

    I've been reading bout the spy bag from your threads, and am slowly being bitten by the spy bug.

    I'm considering either a grey spy or a grey wisteria spy. Which would you choose? Is the wisteria bit worth the extra price?
  2. i love the wisteria! :love:
  3. I have my eye on the wisteria as my next one because I like to have my bags be unique in some way. The wisteria is really pretty!
  4. Definitely the Wisteria :heart: ! Most PFers who buy the regular gray bag, return it. Just not exciting enough. The wisteria is more interesting & more coveted by Fendi ladies:yes:
  5. Yes! Go with the Wisteria :heart:
  6. The Wisteria is one of my favourites, you will not regret getting one the bag is stunning
  7. YES!!! Wisteria is worth every penny!!! EVERY PENNY! Something about those delicious flowers... :smile:
  8. I agree with everyone ... get the wisteria!:yes: It's a gorgeous gorgeous bag!
  9. I vote Wisteria like the majority here thus far :yes:
  10. I vote for the Wisteria too - sooooo pretty :love:
  11. yep, another vote for wisteria here if you can find one :smile:

    gorgeous detailing.
  12. The Wisteria has some details at the front, so it may not look so dull. But if u ask me, both are pretty cos the color just looks so unique.
  13. i vote for wisteria. so pretty.