My Second Reveal .. I think this will be one of my new favs!

  1. Great, I'm very ashamed to say I have an IT degree yet I don't know how to post pics straight in the post weird huh

  2. I know some of you guys have Luxury Totes, and from what I can see online, the sizing is different from Neverfulls. Look at the new thread I made, where I made sizing comparison photos - sticking laptops into it to see how much it would fit and how. I was hoping I'd inspire you guys to make similar posts for your Rioni purses - either see how a specific sized object fits, or show how much you can fit in them. And especially the Luxury Totes, like I said. My Tall Tote Shopper fit my netbook perfectly (and would fit an iPad), but a 17 inch laptop didn't fit. Not sure a 15 inch would fit either. I don't have a regular sized 15 inch here to try out. What other objects are frequently put in totes?
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    I have a specific question about the Luxury Totes. I'm thinking about the medium one, but there's one thing I'm looking for. I've seen how the Neverfull will sort of fold when carried on the shoulder. It has that D-ring closure that probably promotes the "fold". Since the Luxury Totes have magnets instead, I wonder if they will carry "flat" under your arm instead? The Tall Tote Shopper will probably stay "flat" and although the canvas will soften, I doubt it will change its fundamental shape. Right now, rigid as the canvas is because it's not broken in, it feels very structured. My Top Flap Drawstring purse is soft and falls in on itself unless I put something inside it to stiffen it up, so I know how soft the canvas could become.

    Anyway, I'd love a pic of a Luxury Tote over the shoulder - put it on the shoulder of someone who doesn't mind having her/his pic on here, and take the pic from the side/behind. That should tell me if it does what I'm looking for

    Edit: I'm having trouble finding a pic illustrating what I mean. But I've seen people with these purses, and it's definitely there. I guess a better word might be sag.
  4. The luxury tote sits very well under my arm, it is one of, if not the most comfortable bags I own, and I own a lot of bags. I have the medium and it does as Pandorabox said hold its shape well. With lots of space left
  5. Ordered the Luxury Tote. Treasure Baskets of Albany upped the shipping and handling, PLUS tax, so I bypassed them this time around. Overstock wouldn't let me pay since I'm not from the US. Had to have a friend order it for me. But it should be with me in a week or two!
  6. Went to Nordstrom today and looked at purses I'd lusted after a while ago. It was a lesson in looking at stuff in person is different from seeing them online. I came away thinking I wouldn't have minded one of them, but I wanted the Rioni ones more, and ended up congratulating myself on my choices.
  7. Rioni can't be beat! I have three of them and am really wanting the Patti bag now. I can't believe how well made they are, especially for the practical prices, unlike those that shall remain nameless. :biggrin:
  8. I can tell you all that I really really abuse my luxury tote. I had so many things in it Friday that I could barely pick it up is was so heavy. Yet there are no rips, tears or signs of deterioration on it at all. It is a very sturdy bag, I hate that some are so judgemental against the brand.
  9. Ditto that... I have had mine for over one year now and it gets plenty of use. That is my go to tote. It is holding up really well!!!
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    I took my Rioni Tall Tote Shopper on a plane ride. It was a small turboprop plane. The bag fit on its side under the seat in front. I don't think it'll fit standing up on any planes. I would have liked it to be bigger, just because I bring so much. But the zipper was really nice to have, and it would fit a netbook, some electronics and a ziplock with fluids plus odds and ends.

    It also worked with the handles over the handle of a carry-on roller. Mine was really small, so unless I balanced it on top of it (which actually worked mostly), it could scrape along the floor. I did that once and scraped the edge of the purse a bit. Bummer, but not too bad.