My Second Paraty! Classic Black!

  1. Can't beat a classic! Gorgeous. :smile:
  2. Enjoy! I bought one and love it!
  3. Amazing photography!
    Very nice Paraty, Black is such chic, hip and classy color.
    Congrats on your lovely purchase :smile:
  4. Thanks, dododoit!

    Thanks, thedseer! It kinda has a stamped RM motif, don't they? Me likey.

    Thanks, kdo!

    Thanks, kaitydid!

    Thanks, J. You shouldn't have showed me your OP Paraty...Lol.


    Thanks, macaroonchica. That's very nice of you.
  5. haha - i was thinking the same thing!
  6. Great minds think alike! :ghi5: I bought a black one to go with my rock paraty. Mine arrived a couple of weeks ago. It seems a little bit dry. Was yours the same?
  7. How gorgeous!!! I may have to add that to my next purchase list!
  8. Hey, bag triplet! I know one other who has the same (though I'm sure there are many of us with one! Lol). Regarding the leather, no, mine feels ok. Between the DM and this I'd say the DM is slightly drier. Here's a close up. Does it seem dry?

    Thanks, Marie! You're going to love this bag, if you decide to get one. It's the perfect bag, in my opinion.
  9. Yes mine almost feels papery but my rock was even worse. It has actually flaked a little on the long strap on the rolled part. I feel they are less prone to flaking and wear if they are moist. I need to get out the Apple moisturiser...I used to look after my bags so much better then I do these days :shame: Yours looks great!
  10. Yikes! Looks like I need to condition them, and I do happen to have Apple moisturizer somewhere... Thanks for the head's up!
  11. I always thought I was more of a Marcie girl but with all these Paraty reveals, I may have to consider them too! C4H, your black Paraty is BEAUTIFUL! Your pictures are fantastic. The leather looks luscious!

    Right, I need a trip into London and check out some Paratys now :biggrin:
  12. Beautiful!! Black is an awesome choice - so classic! I love it and she's the perfect sibling for Desert Mauve! :biggrin: