My Second Paraty! Classic Black!

  1. DM needed a sister, who can take the dark clothing that I so feel at home in, so presenting ms. classic black!

    HDR to show deets on my new jeans!
  2. That looks & gold just go so well together.....congrats
  3. Shut. Up. You are killin me, girlfriend!!


    A sister for DM! She's sooooo beautiful and classy and sexy and looks so perfect on you. You just can't beat that hardware on black and the leather is unreal! I'm so happy for you! Congrats on your growing Chloe family! :love:
  4. Thanks, DesignerDiva! I totally agree! I'm not usually a gold gal but Chloé has me thinking otherwise.

    Thanks, Purselovesf! You're too kind. :blush: Oh, my little duo ain't nothin' compared to what you have coming!! So excited for you!
  5. One more... Not as saturated as the first pic, my iPhone has a mind of its own.
  6. Congrats! Classic indeed. :smile:
  7. She's gorgeous... Congrats!
  8. Congrats!! It is lovely...and very saturated!
  9. Wow congrats! It's really pretty!
  10. Enjoy your classic beauty! I'm really digging your outfit too :smile:
  11. Thanks, missdennies!

    Thanks, aidan!

    Thanks, yoyotomatoe! Yes, she is totally saturated black, which I totally love!

    Thanks, lofty!

    Thanks, bag twin! ;)
  12. whoa... another paraty.... congrats.... love that leather texture....classic classic classic:biggrin:
  13. gorgeous! love the detail on your jeans too :smile:
  14. What a classic beauty! Great choice!
  15. Gorgeous classic! Congrats!