My Second pair...

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  1. Ladies&gents, I finally tracked down a pair of Dordogne in 39 on eBay... after being in Singapore for business last year I spotted them but my size was gone. After returning to Sydney the boutique here had sold out too...I'm so excited cant wait for them to arrive!!
    Second pair of CL's - I've got a couple Fendi & YSL shoes but I understand the CL Jerome Rosseau deserves a mention because he makes stunning shoes too...
    I'll post mod picks when they arrive 😍


    image-352884192.jpg image-3421256045.jpg
  2. Glad you found what you wanted in the end, Congrats :woohoo:
  3. They are really great!
    What are you going to wear them with? So many possibilities!
  4. Congrats on tracking down a pair that you longed for!
  5. Thanks ladies I'm so excited!! I think these will be a work shoe. Black skinny leg pants and crisp white shirt?? Tailored dress?? Or weekends under dark wash skinnies....
  6. Congrats on tracking them down!! They are great!
  7. Isn't that such a good feeling? Enjoy them!
  8. I love them!!
  9. Thanks all!! I'll post a couple mods once I got them
  10. Those are beautiful!
  11. Very pretty!
  12. nice!
  13. Congrats.
  14. They're lovely!
  15. Nice shoes !! Congrats!!