My second pair of Jimmy Choo's

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  1. Bought them from the Choo website and they arrived yesterday!!!:yahoo:

    I love them :heart: They are really beautiful and comfy!

    Here they are......:love:
    pf1.jpg pf2.jpg pf3.jpg pf4.jpg pf5.jpg
  2. und wieder klasse!
    they look very comfortable!
  3. wow they are're one lucky woman!!! enjoy!!!:P
  4. How's the sizing like? They look GORGEOUS on you! Beautiful shoes! Congratulations... =)
  5. Wow. You have such great taste in Jimmy Choos!
  6. Wow! Those shoes are gorgeous!!! Once you got your first pair of Choos you couldn't NOT get a second eh? :biggrin:
  7. they are goegeous! did you say they're comfy? they look like they might hurt a little! but beauty is pain!
  8. hot! i love these in the patent too.
  9. Wow, your shoes are smoking hottt!!! They look gorgeous on your feet, congrats and here's to more way you can stop at 2 pairs:P
  10. Thank you sooo much for your nice words:flowers:

    theinsider Danke:flowers:

    Dancing_queen I didn't have to go up or down with the size. I wear a 39.

    jadecee yes, it's sooo hard to stop :angel:

    lv-lover i have to admit that i wore them only 5 minutes in the you are right....thay could start to hurt if i wear them all night :shrugs:
  11. They are absolutely gorgeous! Congrats!
  12. I love those shoes ... they look gorgeous on you!
  13. they're gorgeous:biggrin::heart:
  14. those shoes are wicked....congrats...
  15. congrats - they're gorgeous!! LOVE the cutouts!!!
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