My second nylon gauffre :)

  1. Just recieved this today. I love the size, colour and just about everything. But the seller gave me a Marc Jacob dustbag :confused1:. I remember asking her, does it come with an original dustbag? Her reply was it comes with a dustbag. Thats quite deceitful isnt it?
    Oh and if anyone suspects anything wrong with this bag, do let me know. It does feel, smell and looks authentic to me tho'.

    Anyways, here are the pics:


  2. Congrats! Very Nice!
  3. Yummy!! I LOVE Prada nylon!!! Congrats!!
  4. Very nice! Funny about the dustbag, huh?
  5. Gorgeous bag!! Good luck w/the baby!! :flowers:
  6. Beautiful bag Spendalot!! ;)
  7. Thanks girls...I think it makes a great diaper bag :graucho:
  8. Yeah... A beautiful and expensive diaper bag. ;) Congratulation to your new purchase and the baby!
  9. I used to have this bag!Its the real deal and is a FAB BAG!
    That would REALLY bug me not having the dustbag though!LOL!...But if u got a deal on the bag...its not so bad!
  10. Congrats! I love it.
  11. :smile: it is a good deal. I just wish she could have been more honest and upfront with me.
    Now I'm not sure what sort of rating to give her.
  12. Nice bag. That would upset me over the dustbag though.