MY second miu miu: help me chosing!!! ^^

  1. hello there, since I still like my suede coffer, I'd like to buy another one but... I'm not sure about the color! :girlsigh: So, I both like the red one and the white one (which gold hardware)... What do you suggest ladies?? :shame: Is this a good choice or.. is better for smt else?? I think coffer lives for ever... :tup:

    ps: sorry but, the white coffer has both gold and silver hardware, i'm right???
    001 - gold hardware.jpg miu_miu_0182.jpg IMG_1451.jpg
  2. I have the ivory coffer (not the white), but I can tell you that it is gorgeous, however it is very, very delicate. I mean that the color makes it very limited as to what you can wear with it due to color transfer. The light color is very prone to picking up any colors that it rubs against (so I would NEVER wear it with jeans). Personally, I would go with the darker colors when it comes to the coffers. I wish now that I would have purchased the red one (Prada Psycho has one and I think that she absolutely loves it). Also, the little rings that hold the shoulder strap to the main part of the bag turns the area black where it rubs on the leather. The only reason that I haven't sold mine is because it is soooooo beautiful and I just can't seem to part with it. So it just sits in my closet. :crybaby:
  3. mmm... so... it's better the red one?? bcoz I have yet the coffer suede, love it :heart: and... I want a second one!!
    But tell me, does my pics look real or... there's smth wrong?? The ivor one should have the gold hardware, right? is the white one which has the silver ones... Am I right??
  4. U really wanna buy the same bag in a different colour? Id go for a different miu miu bag in the colour u want:smile:
  5. The pics don't look like authentic bags based on the number of networks and the length of the flap above the front hardware. Sorry.
  6. I'm not a huge fan of white bags because I'm the world's biggest clutz! Can't go wrong with that style though!
  7. I didn't know they did the Miu Miu coffer in red?
  8. go for the ivory...easy to match any outfits and good for spring and summer too...
    for lamskin coffer in ivory only with gold h/w
    the white patent coffer with silver h/w...